Ever-Changing List of Goals

  1. Learn how to tie a tie (without help)
  2. Learn how to use chopsticks
  3. Learn about my Dad's family history
  4. Learn something/anything about Jared's job
  5. Learn how to Hip Hop Dance
  6. Learn how to hit a baseball
  7. Learn how to throw a basketball
  8. Learn to cook eggs (Jared does this well.)
  9. Learn more Spanish Italian
  10. Expand my knowledge of food ingredients (e.g. the difference in taste between onions and shallots)
  11. Get a library card and use it
  12. Expand my vocabulary
  13. Subscribe to a local paper
  14. Form a political opinion on local (Minneapolis) politics
  15. Learn how to make sushi

  1. Go to Yellowstone
  2. Go to Yosemite
  3. Go to the Grand Canyon
  4. Go to Flea Markets
  5. Go to Farmer's Markets
  6. Go to at least half of the places on my Best of the Twin Cities spreadsheet
  7. Go to the Aquatennial
  8. Go to the zoo!
  9. Go to John Thomas's for New Years
  10. Go to Irish Fest
  11. Go to San Francisco
  12. Go to Disney Land
  13. Attend some concerts and movies in the park
  14. Spend a week at the lake
  15. Watch a play
  16. Go to a Twins game
  17. Go to Tokyo
  18. Go to New York city
  19. Go to Philadelphia
  20. Go to Morocco
  21. Go to Croatia
  22. Go to Australia
  23. Go to Scotland
  24. Go to Italy (pizza, wine, Sistine Chapel)
  25. Go to all 50 U.S. States
  26. Go to Greece
  27. Go to Egypt (Great Pyramids)
  28. Go to MacLellan's Castle in the UK
  29. Go to France
  30. Go to Prague
  31. Go to Germany
  32. Go to Ireland
  33. Go to Mount Rushmore
  34. Go to the four corner states

  1. Pick a day to clean once a week and do it, no excuses.
  2. Create more storage in my new apartment
  3. Grow my own spices
  4. Host a dinner party
  5. Send photos of my new home to Grammy with a life update letter
  6. Set up a Christmas tree that Charlie Brown would be proud of
  7. Paint a wall (or four)
  8. Bake a carrot cake with orange icing from scratch... in the shape of a carrot.
  9. Cook something outrageous
  10. Make friends with at least one set of my neighbors
  11. Explore the 3 mile radius around my new digs

  1. Buy a nice vacuum
  2. Buy a nice bicycle
  3. Buy a nice camera

  1. Participate in the Zombie Pub Crawl
  2. Join a book club
  3. Join a film society
  4. Join a choir
  5. Take a course on cosmetology
  6. Take a cooking course
  7. Volunteer

  1. Find a multivitamin that doesn't suck (I'm thinking Flintstones.)
  2. Make a point to wake up early everyday this summer
  3. Keep up the natural skin care (it seems to be working)
  4. Get as much sun as possible
  5. Get my eyes examined
  6. Lose eight pounds (weight: 145 lbs)
  7. Keep with the Splenda

  1. Wear more jewelry
  2. Make new friends
  3. Live somewhere longer than one year
  4. Challenge anything I'm told I can't do
  5. Send more thank you cards
  6. Never buy a lottery ticket
  7. Take a decent headshot
  8. Listen to local music
  9. Start a sketch journal
  10. Draw something (anything) every day
  11. Meet someone I admire
  12. Do a 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle
  13. Get a nickname
  14. Paint a mural
  15. Make a real decision about getting a dog
  16. Finally watch It's a Wonderful Life
  17. Befriend a Republican
  18. Make a regular date with myself
  19. Have weekly dates with Jared
  20. Let my hair grow out
  21. Tie dye a shirt
  22. Paint Gizmo's toe nails
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