Saturday, April 12, 2014

Personal Challenge 2014: Strive to Be Happier

Long time no post.

I'm not using this blog much anymore, so I've decided to re-purpose it. I just read a great article on how to become happier. I'm going try incorporating these things into my life - starting with the first suggestion:
Every night before you go to bed write three good things that happened to you that day.  Jotting those down is pretty much all it takes to get a boost in well-being over time
Every night from here until I slack off  I will post three good things that happened to me that day.

No time like the present.

  1. I spent today with Jared talking and walking around in Albertville.
  2. I got TBCY rocky road and a rodeo burger.
  3. I laughed for hours watching The IT Crowd. 

I'll do this for a while and look into adding the next thing in two weeks!

Otherwise - life update a bit. I got a new position at HQ and hopefully will never have to do customer service again in my life. :)

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