Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top 5: 2012 Highlights

Started a New Job
I was hired into my first real job in mid-January of last year (2012).

It was a huge stepping stone into my new, urban life.

My job means a great deal for me. It combines helping people and daily impact through feedback. My coworkers are upbeat and friendly. I look forward to going into work.

Went to Irish Fest/CONvergance/State Fair/Aquatennial Fireworks/San Francisco
New job means money for trips and paid vacation time!

Jared and I flew out to San Francisco and visited my favorite Auntie Leigh this fall. We went to Irish Fest in Milwaukee in August. I went to CONvergence in early summer. We ate our way across the fairgrounds at the Minnesota State Fair. We walked downtown and saw a great fireworks show for the Aquatennial.

What's wonderful about all these things is that they went off great and I have no complaints. (Or at least my complaints are super minor - I can complain about anything.)

New Baby! (not mine)
My cousin had a baby! He's adorable. I saw him twice this fall/winter and he was too cute to be true. I'm claiming him as my honorary nephew. I'm looking forward to watching him grow up.

Bought a Condo
Jared and I bought a beautiful condo at a great price. We're still working on moving in. I will be posting pictures once our couch is delivered. (Oh yea, we bought a new couch too!)

It's a pretty huge deal for us. Amie and Matt (Jared's brother) gave us moving boxes. It was magical - like they appeared out of no where just at the right time.

Home for the Holidays
Last year I worked the weekend of Christmas and the weekend after Thanksgiving. We didn't get to go to Wisconsin for the holidays.

This year I had my weekends off switched due to a clerical error! Awesome.

We went to Thanksgiving over a two day stretch. It was terrible and great. Seeing family and friends (Jared's friends) was great. Traveling ~11 hours in two days was not great.

Christmas was the best. We had a four day weekend. We went to Jared's grandparents that Saturday. I met a slew of cousins, aunts, uncles, and of course his grandparents. I saw Brittany on Sunday. Monday we went to Jared's family's Christmas dinner. Tuesday we went to my family's Christmas party at Aunt Sue's house. We were so busy! I loved it.

We got the best Christmas gifts too! (Not that I'm materialistic.) They were so thoughtful! Amie and Matt gave us a woodcut ornament that said "Jared, Holley and Gizmo's first home" and a cool - hard to describe without hand motions - wall art piece. Jared's parents gave us a fire extinguisher and a garbage disposal! Perfect. We also received a really great painting (like house painting, not oil... painting?) set. We'll be cracking that out this summer.

I may have left out some great things that also happened. This year has been fantastic for us. :D
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