Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Website Love: http://www.8ty8beauty.com/

This category should be called "Websites You Should Know About if You Want to Go Broke in No Time at All."

Last month I ordered five new nail polishes from 8ty8 Beauty Supply. I was led to this website after going to Sally Beauty Supply and looking through the China Glaze Bohemian collection. We got to talking about China Glaze holographic nail polish collection coming out this summer (I want ALL of them).  In 2009 China Glaze released holographic shades in the OMG collection. The woman helping me dig through a bin of polishes said that by the time she heard of the OMG collection she couldn't find it anywhere and had to order off of 8ty8 Beauty Supply. How she described the website it sounded like an archive (or elephant graveyard) of hard to find nail polishes.

I was a little off. It's more like a no-frills website that sells China Glaze, Color Club and other name brand polishes at lower prices.

I made order in early October.

I ordered China Glaze Twinkle Lights, China Glaze Tinsel Town, China Glaze Cast a Spell, Color Club Cloud Nine, and Color Club Angel Kiss.

China Glaze polishes sell at Ulta for $7.50. 8ty8 Beauty Supply sells the same polish, with the same release dates for $3.00.

The polishes are packed together well in boxes that hold three polishes each. If you order a number of polishes not divisible by three, then they pack that space with newspaper. They ship USPS  priority mail out of New York. I received my first order three days after it shipped.

The only downside I have found, is that shipping is expensive! It's $11.00! And, you have no clue how much the shipping will be until it invoices.

I look through the polishes they offer, and look them up on Google. Generally, Scrangie has covered the older (pre-2010) polishes, and The Polishaholic covers current polishes (2010-present).

I just made an order yesterday! I'm so excited.

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