Saturday, October 13, 2012

Inside Jokes

As many of you might know, I am an only child. Which, for me, meant I was home alone quite often. Since I grew up solo, I found ways to entertain myself. In my adult life, this has been a tough habit to kick.

Now that I'm grown and live with Jared, I still talk and joke with myself. I make up inside jokes that I only get.

Maybe everyone does this. After all, one's idea of normal is based on oneself. Normal is in the eye of the beholder? Or is that average? I'm off topic.

Here are a few examples of things I do (now mostly in my head) that entertain me throughout the day. Before assimilating to social norms... I did many of these out loud.

Every morning when I go into my sock drawer or pick up my shoes, I chant/sing to myself, "Shoes and socks! Socks and shoes!"

When people make direct statements, I like to say, "Well, isn't that ironic." I do this, because I hate when people talk about things being ironic... so I'm saying, "Well, isn't that ironic," ironically. Unfortunately, no one is in on the joke, and I end up sounding really stupid.
Coworker-friend: Yea, Jason loves baseball!
Me: Well, isn't that ironic.
When I don't know the words to songs, I usually know the melody. Instead of just humming, I sing words that fit the melody that I can hear in my head as mumbles. I did this recently to Lady Gaga's Telephone... I had no idea what song I was singing. My coworker got a good laugh.

When I read emails, I give the person a funny voice and add emphasis on words that were not meant to be emphasized.

What's something you do that keeps you laughing?

Would anyone be interested in a post about my skin care regimen? I feel like it wouldn't apply well to other people... unless everyone is oily, acne-prone and has dermographia.

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