Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I Need to Raise My Credit Limit: Target + Neiman Marcus is Debuting in December

Target is out for blood with this new collaboration with Neiman Marcus. After seeing the lookbook on A Bullseye View, my credit card has never been more frightened. This is where I need to step up and say that even though I work for Target (SURPRISE), my opinion does not in any way represent the company. 

Okay, now that the disclaimer is out of the way - here's my wish list.

Band of Outsiders made Best Friends hats. A) They remind me of Katie Binning. B) They're Platteville colors. C) They're juvenile. D) I want them.

This dress from Lela Rose is a hundred bucks. I'm going to try it on. If I have an emotional reaction, I'll buy it straight out. If not, ce la vie.

Off-topic: I HATE when nice dresses don't have sleeves. Dress, --- I talk to clothes --- Dress, I cannot wear you to work. This decreases your value in utils to me by over 60%. I have to wear layers and pair you with sweaters. I think it looks ugly when people wear t-shirts under you. Do you want to look ugly? When you have no sleeves and force people to match things to you - you risk looking terrible. Think about that next time you don't want to buy extra fabric or hem arm holes.

I effin' love this bag by Oscar de la Renta.

The color (winter white) is fantastic and unexpected. The print is embroidered. It looks like it could house all my work stuff.

It's fun without being distracting. It's professional without being dawdy.


I love capes. I'm all about capes. I want to own all the capes.

They make me feel like I'm in a live action cartoon show - like I'm about to round-house kick a dragon and eat a turkey leg with my bare hands.

I feel like a brassier, adult version of the chick from Tangled.

Anyways, this cape from Prabal Gurung is $79.99 and it makes me want to stand in line at Target in 20 degree weather

This tree ornament from Rodarte looks like it'd be in a B-Movie spin off of Men in Black.

"The galaxy is on Orion's tree...."

But seriously, this looks awesome. If it looks like the cosmos in person, I'm game.

Your move, Manufacturing.

That's a wrap! PEACE.

(I'm having a weird night.)

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