Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spending Excuses

Hello. My name is Holley. I am a shopper.

There are many reasons that I love shopping. It's exercise, it has a tangible end, it makes me feel accomplished, it's distracting. But one of the best aspects of shopping for me is that I'm good at it. I find gems that cost pennies.

That being said, looking at my bank account and revolving credit line makes me want to puke.

Here are the bogus excuses I use to justify unnecessary spending:

  • I don't own a car, so if I was a normal person this money would get spent on that.
  • I don't drink, and shopping is a better habit than drinking. Instead of spending money on booze, I spend money on cardigans. I can wear cardigans to work. 
  • My living expenses are low.
  • I owe it to myself to do something nice for me and have nice things.
  • I don't plan on having kids, so I don't need to plan for that expense.
  • I have a 401k plan and my job matches my Social Security benefits, so I don't need to save for retirement (right now). 
  • It's not like I'm ever going to get to retire - at this rate no one will.
  • Shopping is cheaper than therapy and at least I get something out of it.
These excuses are just excuses; I need to button down and stop frivolous spending. 

Someone hold me to that. JCP has some cute, bright sweaters - and I am weak.

How I'm Feeling Lately

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Strictly Platonic

Last summer, I posted on Craigslist looking for friends. At the time I didn't find this sad. I didn't have a job and volunteered with kids under 16 all day. There weren't many chances to meet people my own age.

But now, I find it dreadfully sad that I'm going to post again. Now, I have a job, but haven't made any real connections. My work friends and I talk about doing things but don't follow through.  I haven't seen my friend from home who moved up here in over six months. Most of the time, I feel really alone.

When I was a kid, this was the norm for me. I'd go to school, hang out with school friends and come home to be by myself. Once college started, that wasn't an option. I lived with people. I also had an almost intrusive network of friends who I saw outside of school often.

I'd like to talk to someone who isn't Jared more often. I feel like when I go to work, I'm too chatty and unprofessional, because I'm attention starved.

So, here we go again.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Product Review: Kose Seikisho Mask White

Fun story: Four out of five of the full days we were in San Francisco were foggy. Although I didn't mind the ambience and it was an experience one should have - my skin did not weather well. Personificationally, my pores had a town hall meeting. Everyone was in attendance. And, together they decided to close their doors and bar them against bacteria fighting agents using sebum as their deadbolt. I.E. I broke out. And, not in the Shawshank with a rock hammer way.

My reaction to my newly cratered mug was to try everything I could think of to pull the crap (sebum, dirt, oil) from my stupid face. I used 15 pore strips in two days. I made a mask out of baking soda. I made a mask out of eggs. I made a mask out of honey. Then, I went to the internet for help.

I love you, internet.

I found this video (those with migraines: watch on mute):

I also checked out the reviews on Makeup Alley. 

What I was looking for was a Biore pore strip for my entire face that would (hopefully) rip all my skin off (Hannibal Lector style). I thought I had found what I needed when all negative reviews complained about the pain of taking the mask off. (Side note: my face has no feeling in it from years of torture.)

I bought the Kose Seikisho Mask White on and received my shipment three days later. 

After all that fluff, here is the review!

The Kose Seikisho Mask White is jet black and can be applied easily with clean hands. The texture is much like glue or tar. It actually takes some effort and soap to wash the mask from your fingertips after application.

The drying time is about 20 to 30 minutes. This would vary by how thick of a layer you apply to your face. I like a thicker, opaque application. 

Removal is easy. You start at the edges and pull off toward the middle (much like a Biore strip).

You can examine the pulled off mask to find small hairs, a few sebum clogs and dead skin. 

The Kose Mask is not like a Biore strip at all in that it will not pull plugs from your pores. However, it is an excellent exfoliant. 

My skin looks clearer and brighter after three uses over a period of two weeks. 

The fresh skin exposed after removing the mask makes makeup application smoother with less flake. Combined with my clindamycin lotion (I use this in place of moisturizer), it has left my skin clearer with a more even skin tone (lightened dark spots). 

I give it a strong B+ for use for acne and a solid A for skin brightening and exfoliating. 

I Need to Raise My Credit Limit: Target + Neiman Marcus is Debuting in December

Target is out for blood with this new collaboration with Neiman Marcus. After seeing the lookbook on A Bullseye View, my credit card has never been more frightened. This is where I need to step up and say that even though I work for Target (SURPRISE), my opinion does not in any way represent the company. 

Okay, now that the disclaimer is out of the way - here's my wish list.

Band of Outsiders made Best Friends hats. A) They remind me of Katie Binning. B) They're Platteville colors. C) They're juvenile. D) I want them.

This dress from Lela Rose is a hundred bucks. I'm going to try it on. If I have an emotional reaction, I'll buy it straight out. If not, ce la vie.

Off-topic: I HATE when nice dresses don't have sleeves. Dress, --- I talk to clothes --- Dress, I cannot wear you to work. This decreases your value in utils to me by over 60%. I have to wear layers and pair you with sweaters. I think it looks ugly when people wear t-shirts under you. Do you want to look ugly? When you have no sleeves and force people to match things to you - you risk looking terrible. Think about that next time you don't want to buy extra fabric or hem arm holes.

I effin' love this bag by Oscar de la Renta.

The color (winter white) is fantastic and unexpected. The print is embroidered. It looks like it could house all my work stuff.

It's fun without being distracting. It's professional without being dawdy.


I love capes. I'm all about capes. I want to own all the capes.

They make me feel like I'm in a live action cartoon show - like I'm about to round-house kick a dragon and eat a turkey leg with my bare hands.

I feel like a brassier, adult version of the chick from Tangled.

Anyways, this cape from Prabal Gurung is $79.99 and it makes me want to stand in line at Target in 20 degree weather

This tree ornament from Rodarte looks like it'd be in a B-Movie spin off of Men in Black.

"The galaxy is on Orion's tree...."

But seriously, this looks awesome. If it looks like the cosmos in person, I'm game.

Your move, Manufacturing.

That's a wrap! PEACE.

(I'm having a weird night.)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Inside Jokes

As many of you might know, I am an only child. Which, for me, meant I was home alone quite often. Since I grew up solo, I found ways to entertain myself. In my adult life, this has been a tough habit to kick.

Now that I'm grown and live with Jared, I still talk and joke with myself. I make up inside jokes that I only get.

Maybe everyone does this. After all, one's idea of normal is based on oneself. Normal is in the eye of the beholder? Or is that average? I'm off topic.

Here are a few examples of things I do (now mostly in my head) that entertain me throughout the day. Before assimilating to social norms... I did many of these out loud.

Every morning when I go into my sock drawer or pick up my shoes, I chant/sing to myself, "Shoes and socks! Socks and shoes!"

When people make direct statements, I like to say, "Well, isn't that ironic." I do this, because I hate when people talk about things being ironic... so I'm saying, "Well, isn't that ironic," ironically. Unfortunately, no one is in on the joke, and I end up sounding really stupid.
Coworker-friend: Yea, Jason loves baseball!
Me: Well, isn't that ironic.
When I don't know the words to songs, I usually know the melody. Instead of just humming, I sing words that fit the melody that I can hear in my head as mumbles. I did this recently to Lady Gaga's Telephone... I had no idea what song I was singing. My coworker got a good laugh.

When I read emails, I give the person a funny voice and add emphasis on words that were not meant to be emphasized.

What's something you do that keeps you laughing?

Would anyone be interested in a post about my skin care regimen? I feel like it wouldn't apply well to other people... unless everyone is oily, acne-prone and has dermographia.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gizmo Post. You're Welcome.

Interview Dog

Preparation for (Failed) Leprechaun Dog

Gizmo, won't you guide my sleigh tonight?

Bond, Gizmo Bond.

Avast! I'm a dog!


Monday, October 8, 2012

Brand Love: Paul Green

Paul Green is a German based shoe brand. They make excellent shoes for flat feet that aren't incredibly ugly.

I've bought (let's say several) several pairs of shoes from Macy's in this brand... for research purposes.

This all started on my weekly trip to Macy's. I had stopped by NARS and wandered into the shoe section to mainly waste time. I was looking at born ankle boots and talking about navy flats. Salli, my shoe-friend, told me she was coveting a pair of navy heels across the way. I had to check that out.

That day, I bought my first pair of heels since senior prom (the ones I wore 10 minutes and twisted my ankle). They're these great navy suede 2 1/2 inch wedges with an ankle strap. The arch support held up through multiple days of work and public transportation. The ankle strap is snap on, with an elastic strip, and an adjustable buckle.

Since then I've purchased a second pair in tan... and three pairs of flats.

One of the best things about the brand is how well the shoe stays on my foot! I know this sounds ridiculous. But, I have flat feet that are a size 6.5 and 8.5. Because my feet are so wide - I buy nines. I usually have to add a strap to the top of my flats. These fit great! I don't need to add a strap.

I would like to say is buy these bad boys on sale. The retail for $280.00. I bought mine for around $70.00 each.


Friday, October 5, 2012

San Francisco 2012

Hey Readers, I went to San Francisco without you. Here is my vacation slideshow.

We went to Japan town and I went shopping while my Aunt Leigh and Jared 
bonded over how boring shopping is. Later, we ate sushi with Tomoko. 

We went to Muir Woods and stared at trees. (Seriously, one of my 
favorite parts of the trip.) Then, I went to the gift shop. 

We went to the Golden Gate Bridge. It was foggy and cold. 

But then Aunt Leigh grabbed a tiny boat and things got interesting. Then, 
I went to the gift shop.

We went to the Castro. 

We met Sister Roma and Sister Dana.

We went to Pier 39. 

I ate some cotton candy.

We went to the aquarium.

We were eaten by a giant shark.

We got really excited about a cable car ride.

We went to China Town.

All of China Town is shopping. It was awesome.

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