Thursday, June 28, 2012

Makeup Summer 2012

Summer 2012 is all about red lips, colorful eyes and  bronze everything else. To read about these trends, I would like to send you to the Makeup Geek.

Here I want to discuss what I'm loving this summer. 

Let's start with a basic: sunblock. I hate sunblock. It smells terrible, feels terrible and sweats off in less than an hour. Unfortunately, I'm of European descent and flush to a bright red after very little time in the sun. 

For the past few months, I've been dusting on a layer of Bare Escentuals - SPF 30 Natural Sunscreen. I layer it on over makeup if I'm going downtown for the day. I wear it alone when I'm on my day off. It works beautifully as long as I stay dry. Today, I went to the lake and am very very burnt after two hours of fun in the sun. 

I don't add color to my face during the summer time, because I am flushed most days over 70 degrees. Instead, I add color and shimmer with eyeshadow and lipstick. 

For eyes, I like to have different options for the level of maintenance I'm willing to put in that day. 

This year, I've been all about Urban Decay eye shadows. The vintage formula is awesome and the new formula is somehow even better. It's creamier and has better staying powder. It seems to blend better, too.

Pictured Top: X. Bottom left 
to right:  Kush and Last Call
On the kind of day where I'm a little tired and would rather watch Jane by Design on Hulu than fix myself up, I cover my entire lid in Urban Decay eyeshadow X. The color is iridescent and has a nice shimmer. It seems to change from gold to a pale pink. The photo on the left does not do it justice. 

The days where I'm in less of a hurry and haven't worn my usual bright colored outfits, I wear Urban Decay eyeshadow in Last Call and Kush. Sometimes I wear all three shadows together. Sometimes I wear one alone. Sometimes two at a time. The trio blends well together and are well pigmented. Usually if I wear Kush or Last Call "alone," I'll blend using ABC Gum. 


During the winter, I use NARS Manhunt to brighten my my pale pale face. In summer, I'm flushed (as stated above). I've been slathering on Fresh - Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 in Sugar Plum. I keep this in my purse to avoid dry, chapped (and sunburned) lips. It adds enough color to boost my natural lip tone without overwhelming my face when wearing bright eyeshadow. 

Confession: I do not have the complexion for a lot of bronzer. Against my skin a lot of bronzer products make me look dirty. (I'm a strong believer in not wearing shimmer on your skin. You don't put glitter on a zit. Matte bronzer is great to layer over blush in winter, but worn alone looks bad on fair skin.) 

To hop on the bronze everywhere for everyone trend, I've purchased NARS (lipstick brand of choice) Hot Voodoo Semi Matte Lipstick. Even the name "Hot Voodoo" is fun! You can't tell from the picture here, but it's a pretty, metallic bronze. The semi matte formula is just sheer enough to see my natural lip color under the tint. It makes a great neutral lip tone and goes with all my eyeshadows (even those not listed in this blog post). I'm in lust.

That's a wrap. I might buy something new sometime this summer, but I feel like I am done. Summer 2012 is the season of shimmer (at least for me!).

Griping About Griping

I feel like I'm constantly bombarded by other people's negativity.

People complaining about their weight
People complaining about not exercising enough
People complaining about their jobs
People telling me that the schedule I want isn't going to go through

I don't understand how complaining helps. I get venting. I understand laughing at the ridiculousness of it all.

Every time I hear/read this type of thing, all I can think is "who cares!?"

You think you're fat? That's your problem. Maybe you should consider developing a positive body image instead of pinning thinspiration for the world to see.

You hate your job? Maybe the energy you put into Facebook posts could be put towards job applications or putting together a more dynamic resume.

I'm a big believer in you ask for it, you declare it to the world and you work toward it. You don't gripe about it. (And if you do, say it once and then act. There needs to be some kind of action even if it's just accepting that some things can't change.)

Here I go complaining about complaining again.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

Thanks to my doctor, I'm feeling grr-eat!

Thursday, I took my pants to the tailor, got a haircut, purchased decaf tea from Target, went to Neiman's, talked to jewelry repair in Macy's, and then went to a networking function and picked up a Pride shirt. I was home by seven!

Saturday, I looked at condos, put in an offer, took the dog to the dog park, washed the dog, went to dinner, went through my closet and pulled stuff to sell and Buffalo Exchange, cleaned all of my purses, and laundry is in the wash.

I'm avoiding Pride, and it makes me feel like a jerk. But, the idea of the crowd scares me. I need to make sure I go. It'd be a great experience, and I'll regret not going. Tomorrow, I need to get to the tailor by 5 pm and to Buffalo Exchange by 7 pm.

Busy is better than exhausted.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Free Write

I'm not handling grieving as well as I should. Katie is the first person I've ever cared about who has died. Everyone else I was too young to remember holding strong emotional ties with. I met Katie in the summer of 2008. I was moonlighting at registration as the Dean of Performing Arts' assistant. I signed her up for classes along with all the new registrants for the Art Department. I had just changed my major to Art the year before and as luck would have it - took several classes along side Katie as independent studies. Katie and I ran Art Club together for two years. We went on trips together. We shared details of our lives together. I understand that there are those who knew her better than I did. I understand that I was not her closest friend. But, being as closed off as I am - she was one of my closest friends. When I found out about this tragedy, I was on the phone with a clinic setting up a doctor's appointment. I was put on hold and decided to check Facebook. I was petrified. A lot of people mention experiencing a numbness, a sort of distance that allows you to function for however long you have to before reality hits you. I didn't get that.

I have never felt as sad as I do right now.

The way I usually cope with sadness is to turn it into anger and burn it all off... but try as I might - I can't stay angry. Or at least, any anger I have is squashed by this overwhelming sadness.

I think I understand now what so many people have tried to instill in me over years of psychology classes and counselling sessions. This is what it feels like when you are sad for a reason. On the lighter side, at least we know I'm not depressed.

For the last two days, I've been pushing aside my emotions, drinking large quantities of soda and forcing myself to go somewhere - anywhere to get away from myself. This game of running away from reality is fun for a very short while and then I get tired. I come home and, thanks to modern technology, I am confronted with the hard truth that I will never see my friend again. It's selfish to think of it that way. For some reason, typing the ways to think of it that aren't selfish seems so much worse.

So what can I do?

I send in comments to news stations that say her name wrong.

I read old Facebook posts, her webpage. I look at her photos. I think about taking a picture trying to hold the spoon at the Walker Sculpture Garden. I think about the squinty lemon face she'd make sometimes. I laugh and remember the strange musical beat boxing she and Amelia would do. I brag to Jared about how Katie could free-hand a drawing of any dinosaur.

And sometimes I get sad and think about all the things - all the things.... I don't even know.

We're all in this together now.
Edit: And, the world keeps spinning.
Edit again: And, I hate it.
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