Sunday, May 13, 2012

Marriage and My Boyfriend, the Republican

Without the exciting experience of getting to know a new partner - I'm now dating a Republican.

The talk radio that Jared listens to two hours a day, four days a week has made his political views face right. I'm not saying that he's a bat-shit-crazy right-winger (yet), but his moderate views have taken a swing for the conservative. A part of me wonders if he has done this in order to argue more often. Everyone loves a good debate, amiright?

Anyway, the way this came about was that Jared and I discussed gay marriage after the President made his view known. Like all our political talks, we did not discuss our personal views. Instead we argued over semantics. I think that marriage was created and exists in order to provide a stable financial unit in which to raise a child. Jared thinks that marriage exists in order to encourage people to have children. (I don't think people need to be encouraged to breed.)

Where this led to was that straight marriage creates people, gay marriage on the other hand can lead to the fostering and adoption of people in need. So, being me, the debate ended with the following statement, "Well then, by your definition I'm pro Gay Marriage and anti Straight Marriage."


Why is everyone getting engaged right now? It's always insane the number of people getting married in the summer. Can't we all just agree to not cheat without permission and to buy one another jewelry on occasion?

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