Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Makeup Extravaganza

Yesterday, I went nuts at Sephora.

Really, you can't blame me. I had a terrible experience at two different malls. Macy's was having a One Day Sale and Herberger's sale percent off was at 85%. I spent a long while digging through heaps of discards and found really beautiful pieces in not-my-sizes. It was extremely frustrating, especially when Herberger's doesn't keep track of yellow-tag merchandise and everything I liked at Macy's was at the Mall of America. (The Mall of America is one of the worst places to be on the weekend. It's a combination of hard floors, swarms of people and loud noises.)

Here I was after two miserable shopping days. I was newly full and exhausted having awoke at 6:30 AM to deliver my dog to the vet. I went into Sephora planning to buy some bronzer. I met with a woman at the door who pointed me in three different directions toward matte bronzers. I tried them out only to find everything was way too dark on my pale pale face. I then met a woman named Meesa. She was so patient with me! I was having a very hard time expressing what I wanted, but we got through it. I tried out a few different blushes and bronzers. I ended up going with Sephora's Los Cabos bronzer and Tarte's Amazonian clay 12-hour blush in Tipsy. Then, I remembered: Rachel Berry from Glee carried an Urban Decay compact. I had to try that out. And, it is amazing. The makeup is pale enough for me. I got it in "Illusion." The cream to powder texture is smooth and sticks. The color covers so well I look like I just gave blood. It's a great canvas for my beautiful light coral blush too. Was this enough to settle my makeup craving? No way. I also grabbed up OPI for Sephora 3-in-1 clear polish and Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray.

I went a little insane this shopping trip.

I'll review the makeup in about a month (once I figure out how allergic I am to it). And, sometime in the next two weeks or so I'll review Jungle Red. (I need to wait on the facial to see how this turns out.)

Hurrah for beauty. Also, hurrah for a disposable income. First time for everything!
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