Wednesday, February 1, 2012

When I was 15...

When I was 15, I lived with my mother and step-father in a two bedroom house (at times classified as a mobile home) in Destin, Fl. I didn't go to the beach. I spent the majority of my free-time in front of a computer using Gaia Online as a social network under the user name "Trugoy."  At the time, I was well known in the Gaia Online art forum for having a lot of gold.

I had no interest in driving a car. I had never been to a party that didn't involve a cake with candles. I had no idea that we'd be moving to Wisconsin in one year.

I had long, slightly wavy hair with a pale face full of acne and freckles. I thought I was fat and ugly, but hilarious and smart. I had a penchant for matching my shirt with large, beaded accessories my Gram made. I wore red, suede Vans and Tilt jeans almost everyday.

I loved Metric, Maroon 5, Pink, Trick Pony and The Postal Service. My favorite movie was Encino Man or Airheads... or Monkey Bone. Really, I was madly in love with Brendan Fraser.

I worked for my parents off and on compiling a database of rental homes in the Florida panhandle.

That year, almost immediately following my 15th birthday, I started at Okaloosa-Walton Community College Collegiate High School. Depending on who you ask, I wanted to be a psychologist, an artist or a politician. In reality, I wanted to be retired.

I didn't really have a best friend. I had many friends who I very much liked, but (excuses excuses) I had a hard time opening myself up to people (as I do now). That said, I bounced between Amanda, Lizzy, Liz, Michelle and Michael as being my good friends. I started dating Michael that September. It was nice to be around his family who are devoted to each other.

In 2012, I'm living with my boyfriend (and best friend) Jared in our own apartment in Minneapolis. I'm out of school, and I work for a Fortune 500 company at their headquarters. I want to be the best me possible. I still have no interest in driving. I look basically the same. My favorite bands are Metric, Death Cab for Cutie, Kanye West and The Hold Steady. I sometimes am on Gaia Online... like twice a year to check my mail. I still love Brendan Fraser, but my favorite movie is Amelie.

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