Thursday, October 13, 2011

Three Years, Three Days

This Monday was Jared and my 3 year anniversary. We didn't do much for the actual day. Jared came home with a bouquet of daisies. We went to Java and ate at the dinner buffet. Then, I passed out. (I rolled my ankle over the weekend and was totally wiped out from walking around at work. That's actually why I'm updating in the middle of the day today. I needed a day off to myself.)

This year was our first year of living together as well as our first year out of school. We worked full-time jobs for the first six-months working opposite shifts Monday through Friday. I was sick for a number of months and out of work for a number more. Jared continued to work his job in various locations for Swiss Valley. It was trying to work opposite shifts and only see each other on weekends. It was also trying to live together with a lot less solitary time than we are used to.

In May, we moved to Minneapolis together to our first shared apartment. In July we adopted a dog together. I look forward to what will happen next in our fourth year.

The day we signed our lease.

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