Saturday, October 15, 2011

This Week in Thrift: Smells Like Store

On Saturday, Jared and I got lost in Richfield/Bloomington trying to find Menard's. On our way to Menard's (and yes, we finally found it) we found a great Goodwill. It's located on American Blvd. outside of the Mall of America. The prices are fair, and the majority of the merchandise is new. The whole time I was browsing I kept announcing how shocked I was that there were so many new Target brand items for such low prices at this store.

I tried on quite a few things (all at once because there is no dressing room limit!) Everything I tried on was in great (if not new) condition. I could have easily gone broke there, but only a few things fit correctly (and didn't make me look like a Sister Wife). I did find two nice leather waist belts.

And, I found two nice dresses. One of which is a size 6! Calvin Klein grey herringbone print dress. It smells like store and was $14.99. I'm very pleased. It fits me like a glove. There was also a Marshall Fields brand lilac sweater jacket. The color is wonderful, and the fabric is a very nice weight. It's also structured enough to be worn to work.

Gizmo's costumes came in the mail this week as well. Here is a photo of him in a sombrero.

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