Thursday, October 6, 2011

Big Girl Accomplishments: Back to Earth

I've decided that my benchmarks are good, but my prizes are too lofty to serve a purpose.

The idea of goals, for me, is to distract myself from my compulsion to shop. If I was more tech-savvy, I'd block online stores. What I have done (and this is silly) is I bought myself a wonderful, beautiful, quality purse that I would love to use and think about everyday. I set this purse on top of our DVD stand. I've decided I am not allowed to use my purse until I'm out of debt (small bank loan, store cards, credit cards). I'm about half way there so far. I want to pay off all my store cards and credit card before touching the loan. That way, I'm eliminating high APRs.

I can't really worry about money though. As long as I pull in some sort of income, I'll be fine. With my rent and expenses as low as they are, I can easily survive on unemployment insurance while searching for a new job. However, I find myself more frugal and more financially insecure when I'm making money and on the edge of debt. When I'm close to maxing out my credit... I feel like I can go crazy, like 23 is a great age to go into an absurd amount of debt. When I have a job, and feel the struggle of paying bills using workable income... I stress out.

I'm off topic. Here are my new prizes that are in a lower price range. Plus, some of these things I need to replace/need for my house. What I would like to do... (and this is something I'm not sure is a good idea) is to buy my prizes ahead of time (not all at once) and set them in the living room like I have my purse. It's easier to say no to temptation with a goal within reach.

Accomplishment: Pay Off Debt
I finally will get to use my new purse! AND I'll buy a vacuum!
Accomplishment: Build Up $1000 Emergency Fund
New Keen shoes AND a new wireless mouse!
Accomplishment: Build Up $2500 Emergency Fund
iPod Nano
Accomplishment: Find a Full-time Permanent Job
Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS AND (if I need them) computer glasses
Accomplishment: Build Up $1000 Savings Account
ECO Citizen Watch

And to all you self-proclaimed responsible adults out there - I understand that the goal itself should be enough, but I'm a Womangirl and need pretties to make myself work.

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