Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jared Free Weekend

It has always been the case that when Jared is gone for a set amount of time, I get a lot of work done. I'm an organizational procrastinator. Here is a list of EVERYTHING I want to do while Jared is gone this weekend:
Clean my bathroom floor
Clean my bathroom sink
Clean my toilet
Reorganize my closet to be more seasonably appropriate
Reorganize my dresser top to increase surface visibility
Dance with Gizmo
Go through the mail dish
Clean the stove
Window shop online
Clean off that lamp, it is hella dusty
Clean out the fridge
Clear counter tops
Invent crazy stories of fighting off certain death to tell Jared
Clear table top
Watch a movie on Netflix
Make a list of spices I'm running out of
Clean off counter tops and table top
Read Jezebel
Moisturize my hair and do a face mask
Take khakis to be hemmed
Eat a calzone
Declutter living room
Clean off end tables and coffee tables
Do laundry? Maybe?
Sweep floors
Call my mama
Paint my toenails
Wash the dog
Wipe down both gigantic mirrors in the house... as well as the bathroom and vanity mirror
Do some impromptu karaoke (or a lot)
Take photos of all my favorite second hand pieces in the house (or at least some of them for Part I)
Woo. This weekend is going to be a ball of excitement wrapped in an adventure. My next post will pmost likely show off my thrift scores. :D

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