Monday, September 5, 2011

Big Girl Accomplishments

Today, Jared and I talked about motivation. In my mind, motivation comes in three materialistic, money-grubbin' forms. Provide incentive by promising new, great things for the two of us: house, car, shorter commute. Provide incentive by promising new, awesome things for himself: iPod touch, speaker system, smartphone. And finally, the less fun one, deny himself something he enjoys until reaching specific benchmarks: no videogames until he's applied for so many jobs.

Last week, I also found myself wanting. I wanted not only small, simple things, but big, expensive things! Get Rich Slowly has taught me that I can have everything I want, just not all at once. So, I bring to you a list of Big Girl Accomplishments and their matching Big Girl Prizes. (All monetary benchmarks must include the price of the prize. Example: Accomplishment: Build Up $1000 Emergency Fund, Prize: Something That Costs $200. The entire amount saved should be over $1200.)

Accomplishment: Pay Off Debt
This is a pretty simple goal that is a huge deal. I want to pay off all credit card debt, store card debt and the loan I have with UWCU. I am not including my student loans in this goal, because I don't plan on paying them until I have to. 
PrizeTravelon Hanging Toiletry Kit

Accomplishment: Build Up $1000 Emergency Fund
It's important to build up an emergency fund, just in case I end up unemployed for a few months... again. 
PrizeWacom Bamboo Pen Tablet

Accomplishment: Build Up $2500 Emergency Fund
PrizeiPod Nano

I'll get the newest one... whenever I have that much money saved.

Accomplishment: Find a Full-time Permanent Job
If I have accomplished the above goals and find a full-time permanent job... I'm going to spend a huge chunk of change on an amazing camera. 
Prize: Fuji Film FinePix X100

Accomplishment: Stay With the Same Company for One Year
Prize: Disney Vacation

Accomplishment: Build Up $1000 Savings Account
Prize: A New Couch!

Accomplishment: Build Up $2500 Savings Account AND Jared has a stable job
Prize: A New Home!

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