Monday, August 22, 2011

Irish Fest '11 and the Balls Off Bonanza

We had a jam packed weekend. It's mid-August, so it's Irish Fest! Irish Fest is the closest thing I have to a holiday tradition.

We drove down to Madison on Friday and introduced Gizmo to Wally (Jared's family's dog). At first Gizmo was trying to dominate Wally. Then, he decided to just mark territory around the house while we were out with Gram. At Gram's house, she pinned some blazers and pants for me. We went to dinner at a Laotian restaurant next to the Barrymore. Dinner went well, and was very tasty.

On Saturday, we dropped Gizmo off at the Spay Me! Clinic in Sun Prairie. He happily went with the vet tech... we'll see if that ever happens again. Spay Me! is a nonprofit that neuters animals at a low-cost rate. Neutering, green tattoo, nail trim, rabies shot, and distemper with a fashionable plastic cone all for $75.00. After dropping off Giz, we drove up to Milwaukee and straight over to the festival grounds.

Irish Fest was great! (As it is every year!) After perusing the shops and deciding I wasn't wanting anything outside of festival gear, I came in way under budget. So, we ate a lot of festival food! I especially enjoyed the lamb sandwich, blue cotton candy and Hawaiian Shave Ice on which I gorged. Jared and I also had Chicago Style Hot Dogs... which always disappoint me. I just can't find a good dog outside of Chicago... We caught some world music concerts, the parade and a bagpipe performance. All in all, a good day.

Sunday, we came home around one in the morning to the most pitiful dog in the world. Jared's dad picked him up earlier from Spay Me! Apparently, he spent several hours standing around frozen in place. He'd walk a little forward and then stand frozen in place again. We took his cone off, and he walked around a little. He'd whine some times. He must have been in a lot of pain. We slept in the living room with him for a while before putting the cone back on him. When we woke up later that morning, Gizmo was outside in the backyard still coned.... standing frozen in place. We took the cone off, and suddenly he's walking around no problem. We left in the afternoon. The dog slept most of the way back on the blanket Gram gave him. When we got home, it was already time for bed. This time, when we put the cone on him, he bounded around the apartment running head first into everything. I laughed so hard when he ran straight into the mirrored closet door.

I found out that my camera phone has a panorama setting... so here are a bunch of illustrative panoramas. Most of these pictures are being photobombed by Jared.

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