Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm Prime; It's My Birthday

23 years ago on August 1st, my mother went into labor around 1 pm, and I popped out August 2nd. I suppose I needed to marinate a little longer. I wanted to give an update on what has happened/will happen birthday-wise since I posted my birthday list in July.

Meaningful, Bill Paying Employment
I was contacted by Kelly Mitchell via Monster Jobs concerning a position with a corporation headquartered in Minneapolis. I went in for an interview on Friday and received a call on Monday offering me a job. I"ll be answering customer service emails and doing some light incoming-call customer service. It's 40 hours a week with over-time. It's a temporary position, but I'm hoping it leads to a permanent position within the company. The women at Kelly Mitchell were very professional and welcoming. I start in September, and the position is scheduled to end in January. During the five month period, I will make more than I did all of last year.

The women at Kelly Mitchell also asked me for referrals, so I offered up my good friend Jenni and my new friend Carissa. This should be great, right?

Reliable Collapsible Transportation
Soon after posting the birthday list, I purchased a folding bicycle off of Craigslist. It's a two year-old Tokyo that's silver. It's about 30 lbs, but can become less unwieldy, because it compacts. I purchased the bicycle for $80.00. 
Also pictured: A huge vase.

Very Irish Weekend
We have plans to be in Madison/Milwaukee/Sun Prairie the weekend of the 19th of August! I'll get to spend the day with Jared and as many people as I can talk into joining me. Gram sent me a check for $100.00 for my birthday that I will use for spending money. I'm very excited! There will be many photos, and we're going for the whole day!

Loyal, Dwarfed Dog

On Friday, the 29th of July, Jared and I met a nice woman in a parking lot about adopting her corgi, Gizmo. We took him home that afternoon. He's been great so far! I started a phlog of him which you can visit at the following link: Gizmo the Corgi. He's a 3 year-old tri-colored dude with stumpy little legs. Over the weekend I taught him to lay down on command. He already knew sit and kennel. While I'm busy doing nothing from the 5th to the 5th, I plan on getting him well versed on tricks.

More Effective Means of Time Travel
I have not gotten a camera. Actually, the more I think about it, the more I want an iPod. We'll see. 
Comedy Club
I'm going out with some friends to see a comedy show at Acme Comedy. It's free, because I'm a birthday girl! I would like to wear a crown.
Free Treats From Starbucks
I wasn't hungry today by the time Jared came home, so instead we took the dog on a walk and stopped at Starbucks. I was talking to the woman behind the counter about volunteering at Jabbok over the fall and gave her the information for that. I asked if Starbucks does birthday specials, and she gave me my coffee and treats for free. She was very nice and thought Gizmo was a looker.  
Dinner with Gram
When we go to Madison, we'll be stopping by Gram's and heading to a birthday dinner (my favorite tradition). I'm not 100% sure where yet, but I'm like to try some place new and tasty.
It's really strange now, because I come home from volunteering and have nothing to search for on the internet. I have the bike, dog and job I wanted. Overall, it's been a great couple of weeks. Everything's coming up Holley.

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