Sunday, August 7, 2011

Busy Today, Slacking Tomorrow

Thursday marked the end of the summer program where I volunteer. The job I was offered was finalized on Monday, and I start work on Labor Day. This gives me a whole month of vacation before a possible Monday to Sunday work week. I have a lot of downtime to come, but this weekend is a little crazy.

Yesterday, I met with my contact at Kelly Mitchell to finalize my job. Part of the paperwork was an explanation of dress code for where I will be working. I walked over the Marshall's downtown and bought a few work tops on sale. I was looking for anything not made of "t-shirt material" and wasn't see-through. Then, I met Cory and Jenni where she was interviewing for the same position. We hopped in the car and drove to the Mall of America. I did some happy I-got-a-job shopping. I bought two dog bowls, dog treats, two more tops and some lady garments. I also picked up my Sephora birthday gift!

Today, I met with Liz, who found me on Craigslist. She was very nice! We talked about dogs, jobs, parents and well a lot of things at Jasmine 26. Afterwards, I went home, watched half of a movie and then took a 4 hour nap. I don't understand why I've been so sleepy, but whatever. (Sorry, Carissa, I slept through the Art Fair!)

Tomorrow, I'm meeting Cory and Jenni in Uptown for the Art Fair. Carissa linked me to a free bus pass for the event. (Yay for not walking four miles round-trip!)

In other news, you may remember that I was entering a bunch of sweepstakes. I have won a bracelet via GreenXC! Once I receive the item, I will give a nice write up. There are a lot of sweepstakes to enter, and I suggest entering when you can! It's worth a shot and only takes a few minutes.

Gizmo is doing great, and his blog is updated daily with photos of him being cute.

Small list of thing to do this week:
  • Mail out the rent
  • Go through mail
  • EMPTY junk bowl
  • Clean off end tables
  • Organize entryway closet
  • Hang up new work tops
  • Dust all horizontal surfaces
  • Sweep all floors
  • Do laundry

And things to do before I start work:
  • Buy a bus pass
  • Hem sleeves of grey jacket

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