Saturday, July 9, 2011

Top 5: Birthday Wishlist 2011

Unlike previous Top 5s, this one is in order of most wanted to less wanted. Keep in mind out of the billions of things I could ask for, this is my Top 5 so all these things are very much wanted.

Meaningful, Bill Paying Employment
In 2005, I received a phone call on my birthday offering me a job at Build-a-Bear. In 2010, I received a phone call the day before my birthday offering me a job at Swiss Colony. This year, I would like to receive a phone call on or near my birthday offering me a job. I'd like a job where I can work with kids, possibly kids and art.

I would be more than happy to be a secretary, given that I can wear cardigans and not blazers. I will accept anything that isn't retail, that will allow me to feed myself. Please.

Reliable Collapsible Transportation

I've been doing a lot of research on bicycles, because I now live in the nation's #1 biking city. Also, if I walk downtown one more time to window shop for hours, then my feet might need to be amputated. Stumps will not work well with my current wardrobe.
I decided on folding bikes for 5 reasons:
  1. Folding bike seats and handlebars are more adjustable to height than "regular" bikes. Which means I can ride an adult sized bike instead of a kiddie one. 
  1. This means there are no hard to understand frame sizes and tube heights. 
  1. Folding bikes collapse into a more manageable size. Carrying the collapsed bike upstairs would be far easier than to lug a bike frame upstairs that is as long as I am tall. 
  1. As a bonus, the small, collapsed frame would be easier to store in our small apartment.
  1. If I choose to purchase a bicycle online, I can purchase a bicycle directly from the supplier and shipping costs are nominal.

I've done my research and have looked into three companies that supply collapsible bicycles. I have also considered affordability and will now list both the high-end and low-end folding bicycles I like best.
Citizen Bike supplies affordable folding bicycles. Their website is flashy and includes testimonials from happy customers. However, I have not found any online reviews on the bicycles outside of the company's website. This makes me very wary of purchasing a bicycle from Citizen Bike. Pictured below is the Barcelona ($399) and the Miami ($199) models.

Dahon is a trusted brand in folding bicycles. It seems that with a well known name, also comes a higher ticket price. I would very much like to own either bicycle below. If money wasn't such a concern, then I would without question purchase a Ciao! D5 ($899.95) or Boardwalk D7 ($658.00) pictured respectively. 

What I am considering buying for myself if I get a paying job in the near future is a Worksman Cycle folding bike. The simplicity of the company strikes me as a better choice than Citizen Bike and a more affordable choice than Dahon. The prices vary by number of gears. Although I would prefer a 3 Speed ($329.00), a single speed is more affordable ($269.00). Either would look like this, only electric blue. Red paint is an additional $15.00, and if I'm paying extra for paint I'm going with Safety Yellow for the win.

Very Irish Weekend
I love Irish Fest. I want to go on a night Gaelic Storm is playing and to stay the whole day from morning to midnight. I would like $100.00 in spending money. I would also like to eat noodles for lunch before we get going to Milwaukee. 
Loyal, Dwarfed Dog
I would like a medium sized, cylinder shaped dog with short, stubby legs. I would like either a Basset Hound or Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

More Effective Means of Time Travel

My digital camera right now was purchased in 2007. It works just fine, and there is no "real" reason to replace it. However, I hate it. It's one of the worst purchases I've made so far. It takes too long to focus, so the pictures never turn out right. And, the portrait setting is a joke; the flash is way too bright. Needless to say, I rarely use my camera.

I would like a Canon PowerShot that is ultra-compact.

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