Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Heat Is So 2010

The program director of the youth center I volunteer at called early today to let me know that we won't be having program Monday or possibly even Tuesday. Why? It's flippin' hot! The heat index is over 100, and my pores are sweating from their pores. It greatly limits what I can do outdoors. Which is sad, because I was hoping to photo-document my post on all the great places in my neighborhood. That will have to wait.

We ran to the store and swooped up ingredients for this week's meals. We're going veg heavy with a thick stew and chili. By pumping up the volume of vegetables within the stew/chili, we can take a lot of guess work out of daily intake. We made a minestrone with onions, zucchini, carrots and celery. I added Italian sausage to increase the protein. The chili we made was pretty basic; it has black and kidney beans, ground turkey, green peppers, jalapenos and a whole habanero (Rainbow didn't have cayenne peppers.). The minestrone turned out well, and we ate some for dinner. I'll see how the chili is in the morning. I want to limit my baklava outings, so I made pumpkin bread. It's a good break from the new recipes I have been trying that have ended up pretty flavorless.

Hello, Cowboy.

Last night, I went out to Gay 90s with Christina from the youth center. It was a lot of fun, and not at all like Platteville. At Platteville, you'd go to the only dance club and it'd either be dead or so stuffed with bodies people are piled atop one another. 90s had more than one story, several different bars and dance floors... and an ongoing drag show! There was a go-go dancer dressed like Conan the Barbarian. Additionally, there was a very attractive cowboy and a man wearing Rolling Stone's underoos. The drinks weren't much more expensive than drinks at Platteville.

It was very interesting how busy the streets were downtown. The humidity was high and there was a lot of construction from the east. But, I think the ending Twins game as well as several shows ending added to the traffic most of all. All the traffic made Christina's bus really late, and Jared traffic crazy. Along the streets, there were tons of not so fit ladies in not so covering outfits. And, I saw two people throw up. That's two more people besides myself that I have seen throw up in... well a very long time.

I'm not stressing out about finding a job right now. Before, I was pretty racked with guilt... Jared is paying a lot of the bills, and what savings I had is pretty much gone. The situation isn't too terrible, because we live pretty cheaply, and Jared's salary is stretching well enough. Right now, I'm kindly distracted by my volunteer program. I hope I find a job in August! I really don't want to go back to spending everyday in my living room searching the same websites day after day.

Funny tidbit: getting dressed this morning, I realized that my skirt was older than most of the children who participate at the youth center. Sad? I don't think so! Hurray for fitting into clothes I've had for eight years. Good for me.

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