Friday, July 22, 2011

Review: Hibachi Buffet v Teppanyaki Buffet

Within the Powderhorn neighborhood in Minneapolis there are two buffets that offer fresh sushi. We have been to Hibachi Buffet on three different occasions. We went to Teppanyaki Buffet just this week. Instead of giving two separate reviews, I am going to just compare and contrast the two.

Hibachi Buffet has more flavorful crawdads, but Teppanyaki Buffet has better timed mussels. Hibachi Buffet has more flavorful sushi, but Teppanyaki Buffet has a better variety of sushi. Both places have plenty of seating, their own parking and are directly off of Lake St. Teppanyaki is very near to a Savers, so you can thrift shop then stuff yourself. Hibachi is a more walkable distance from our home. Hibachi Buffet has soft-serve ice cream, and Teppanyaki Buffet has several different flavors of scoopable ice cream with toppings. Both have a made to order cook station (one offering Hibachi the other offering Teppanyaki).

Although Teppanyaki Buffet carries a variety of American foods and different sorts of ice cream, I prefer Hibachi Buffet. A big part of this is because Hibachi Buffet's food is better than their atmosphere. Teppanyaki Buffet had more bland food with a ridiculously decorated venue. They had colored lighting and huge chandeliers. Something about the atmosphere being more impressive than the food is off putting. Also, I feel like the hostess at Teppanyaki hates her job.

And, there it is: Hibachi Buffet is the winner. K.O.

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