Friday, July 15, 2011

30 Future Blog Topics

I hate being stumped, and I'm not updating this blog as often as I would like. I'm compiling a list of blog topics to cover. I am avoiding negative topics the best I can. I think a big part of not updating is that my life isn't moving forward fast enough to be vicariously exciting. I'm really enjoying my time volunteering, but my days aren't too inspiring.

  1. Why I Have Only 136 Friends
  2. My Ultimate Sales Pitch to Move to My Neighborhood
  3. How I Plan to Save the World (Or at Least a Small Part of It)
  4. Top 5: Facebook Edition
  5. How to Work with Call-Center Customer Service
  6. What to Do When You’re Broke
  7. Topics Not to Blog About on a Public Website
  8. Why I Wouldn’t Mind Joining a Cult
  9. Weird Houses I Want to Live In
  10. Things I Preach About but Don’t Actually Do
  11. Top 5: Things You Can’t Price Point
  12. Cheap Food I Love
  13. What I Can Do When I Finally Find Employment
  14. Top 5: Great Things About Being Unemployed
  15. Timeline of What I Want(ed) to be When I Grow Up
  16. If I Had a College Do-over
  17. Top 5: Movies That Owe Me Time and Money
  18. How to Spot a Troll
  19. Assumptions Make an Ass Out of Those That Offer Advice
  20. Pet Peeves: Truth-telling, Nay-saying, Lady-shaming and Tight Clothes
  21. My Son Is Getting a Stove-top Play Set
  22. Isolationism and Why I Don’t Talk About Politics
  23. How to Recognize If an Argument Is Pointless
  24. Tactics to Get Out of a Screaming Match
  25. Top 5: Classes I Took in College
  26. Why I Don’t Believe in Internet Anonymity
  27. Your Actions > Your Adjectives
  28. Scale of Candy Bars by Deliciousness
  29. Halloween Costumes Ideas for Freezing Temps
  30. How I Would Fight Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves

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