Thursday, June 2, 2011

This Week In Herstory

On the job front:
This week, I've interviewed with a high-end department store and a hotel in Minneapolis. I received an email from an art school about a position in their art store. I've met up with a woman from a temp agency about finding an office job. I need to call another agency and register with them. And today, I received a phone call from an office supply store about a specialized sales job. However, I don't know if the job at the office supply store will meet my salary requirements.

I really want the job at the hotel. I think it will be a great opportunity for a career in hospitality. What I like most is that the hotel brand has hotels all over downtown, so I can find open positions within a number of hotels while staying with the same company. I sent a thank you letter this afternoon to the manager. It's important to me to seem eager for the position. Because, well, I am.

On the home front:
Minneapolis is awesome. I really like the city. I feel like anything is possible, and I can do anything I want here. I'm also getting a big head, because my price of living is so cheap. I can walk almost anywhere, and once I get a job I will be getting a bus pass. That will open up a whole world of "what next."

On the Jared front:
Jared took a job with Swiss Valley about an hour from town. It's not super high paying, but there is a very real opportunity for promotion. We're both very excited.

On the Netflix queue:
We're watching Lost, Psych, Veronica Mars and a lot of random movies (some starring John Cleese). I've found a lot of humor in telling Jared that "the thing [he] hates most about Lost is that [he] doesn't hate it." We've been spending our afternoons exploring the city and our nights watching TV.

On the shore front:
Jared and I realized we don't have any goals to save for tonight at dinner. I really want to go to Disney World, so I'm looking into that. It's a real possibility. Jared wants to spend some time in south Florida not at Disney World too. I don't know why he'd want to do that. All I think about is Mickey Ears with my name on them and 186 foot castles.

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