Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Alteril Alters Me

Most people who know me understand that I have near crippling insomnia. My internal clock would like me to stay up until around 10 AM and wake up at about four PM. To alter my preferred sleeping pattern, I have been trying Alteril. I take one Alteril an hour before bed and then patiently wait for it to finally kick in.

Tonight, I made a grave mistake for which I blame Michael J. Fox. I stayed up past the sleep wave I usually get at the end of the hour to watch the rest of Doc Hollywood (which is a wonderful, heart-warming movie). Now, I am awake and still planning on waking up at nine AM.

But, if I stay up past one AM,
I will not get a full eight hours sleep
and might rise from my bed
a fifty-foot, fire-breathing monster
hell-bent on using hyphens with
enjambments. Then, what will this
world come to?

Here I am online, downloading audio books on how to speak Italian. My plan is to go to the Minneapolis Institute of Art and sketch copies of their carefully curated collection and alliterate a lot. Just joking. I'll iterate Italian idioms instead.

Sleeping pills make my humor do wacky things.

Also, I've been reading Your Money or Your Life. (I'm thinking! I'm thinking!) It's making my ideas on time and use of time seem less out there. Tomorrow, I sketch, and then I blog about my time since we last spoke. Oggi, parlo poco Italiano. Parla inglese? Forse. Non capisco. Pizza.

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