Wednesday, May 11, 2011

San Francisco

I'm writing to you from foggy, lukewarm, beautiful San Francisco. It's day 2.5 of my visit, and my feet are barking at me. Man, sight seeing and shopping with my incredibly wonderful Aunt wears me out.

The plane ride was uneventful; I wasn't red flagged as a terrorist, and I didn't have to go through the nudy-machine. I found my gate and hopped on the plane which was only slightly delayed. I sat next to a Swedish au pair on her way to her new host family. I watched the in flight movie and read the paper. Then, we talked about current events and her time in America. I like having short, informative friendships like these. I met Aunt Leigh in the airport, and we headed off for her apartment. We ate at a noodle shop in her neighborhood for dinner. Then we spent the rest of the night talking and watching television.

The next day we went down one side of her neighborhood grocery shopping. Aunt Leigh lives in a mostly Asian neighborhood with mostly Asian markets. The markets near her house were interesting. They were open air with all new shapes, smells and tastes. I ate a dried scallop, fish balls, and a green tea cake with red beans. The produce and fish were extremely cheap. Most produce was under a dollar per pound. We then walked through the park and through the neighborhood on the other side of her apartment. We cooked a dinner of shrimp and vegetables over pesto and turned in for the night.

Monday, (incredibly wonderful) Aunt Leigh and I met up with her friend Georgette for lunch and a self-guided tour of the Museum of Modern Art. I learned about stereography (one of Georgette's specialties) and got to see a lot of Marcel Duchamp's work up close. We had coffee at the shop atop the museum and lunch at an Italian deli. Georgette was great and filled with intriguing information. We all competed for talking time. We were pushed out of the museum at closing time and took the bus back to Auntie Leigh's apartment.

Today (which is still Tuesday in San Francisco), we went to Haight Street and went shopping. We ate at a Mediterranean restaurant and split two plates. We walked up Haight Street from Masonic to Stanyan stopping in every clothing and trinket store along the way. That took the majority of the afternoon. Our last stop was Amoeba Records where I picked up a few replacement CDs as well as a few albums I hadn't owned previously. My incredibly wonderful Aunt Leigh is standing over my shoulder right now reminding me to mention how incredibly wonderful she is.

Tomorrow we are going to China Town!

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