Saturday, May 14, 2011

San Francisco II

China Town was great. I got a lot of little knick-knacks and wore out Aunt Leigh. When we got home she fell asleep sitting up in front of the television. I got to haggle in the shops and did a pretty good job. We went to a poorly lit but super busy local restaurant. I ate the Combination Seafood Noodle Soup (seaweed, cuttlefish, shrimp, scallops, beef balls oh my). I'll post photos of all my awesome souvenirs once I settle back in in Minneapolis.

Thursday, Aunt Leigh, Tomoko and I took a drive to Muir Woods and walked through the redwood groves. I loved it. The trees touched high in the sky like a big canopy. The whole park was damp and wet. It was a beautiful day out! Tomoko cooked tofu wrapped rice, potato balls and these Japanese rice crackers. We ate dim sum and cookies. Yum yum. We stopped by the Golden Gate Bridge on the way to Muir Woods. It was a sight! It was such a clear, sunny day you could see all of San Francisco. I tired out on the car ride back (although I did get to see the Pacific Ocean briefly). I rested when we got back to the apartment. We had potstickers, steamed vegetables and rhubarb cake for dinner.

Today, we decided to sleep in. Oh my, I am exhausted. We walked around the arboretum for a few hours which gave me a slew of ideas for house plants. We picked up Tomoko and headed for Japantown. I couldn't get enough of Japantown! I got two little Domo-kun items and a bunch of little things. We went to Ichiban Kan. I went nuts! Everything was so cheap and so cute! It was great. Aunt Leigh said that if Jared and I moved to San Francisco, I would fill our apartment so thick with stuff from Japantown there would be no room for Jared. (I certainly would have a gigantic Domo-kun.) We then took our seats at Isobune Sushi. Little plates of sushi come by on small boats, and you take what you want to eat. I have had a lot of different sushi before. I did try raw oysters for the first time. I'm not sure how I feel about those. The sushi was great. Aunt Leigh and I kept asking Tomoko what everything was. Once Tomoko replied, "It's... raw fish."

All my bags are packed for my flight back tomorrow. I was sure that I could fit everything in my 21" upright, and I did. Good for me.

See you maƱana, Central Time. Be prepared for a break down of nifty souvenirs and photos ala Aunt Leigh and Tomoko. (I didn't bring my camera with me places.)

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