Sunday, May 15, 2011

MN Catch Up

It's time to do some catch up!

Jared and I are all moved in to our apartment in Minneapolis. We had a really uneventful move and are currently working on getting everything just right. (Jared is building a bookcase in our living room as I type.) We went to IKEA on our second day here and bought two DVD racks, bars to hang up in the kitchen, a hook for my purses, hooks for the kitchen and hooks for jackets in the entry way. Why all the hooks? We're taking advantage of all the vertical storage we can. I'll post photos of our place once we're at a good stopping point. 

I had my San Fran trip right in the middle of everything, and left Jared to himself in the city.

I got back yesterday. Jared told me he bought a gallon of milk for $4.00. We spent all of today learning about all of the grocery stores in Uptown. We bought produce and a large catfish at Shuang Hur. We stopped Truong Thanh and picked up more produce and beef balls. Then, we went to Rainbow Foods and just went nuts and loaded up the cart. Jared was worried Rainbow Foods would be "slummy" because of some of the reviews the store had. When we got there all I said was, "if this is the 'grimy' one, then the one in St Louis Park is paved with gold."

Today we have a lot of banging nails and drilling screws to do before the building's quiet hours at 10 pm. I should get some laundry done from my trip, and some time soon I need to contact the maintenance guy about fixing our intercom.

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