Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dinner Eating and Job Hunting

I cooked up Korean BBQ Chicken; steamed bok choy, Chinese eggplant, and silk squash; and boiled white rice with chicken bullion. It was all very good. Jared wasn't all too fond of the texture of the bok choy and said the chicken was too moist. Jared skinned and cut a whole catfish in our kitchen sink. We'll be making fish tacos tomorrow.

We walked downtown today and to Nicollet Mall. I put in an application with Macy's to work as a Beauty Advisor. I'm good with people and had a lot of luck in sales last year. I really want to learn how to apply makeup; it's something no one has ever taught me. I also want to work somewhere that will force me to dress like a grownup. Even if that means all black all day. If I don't hear back in a week or so, then I'm going to apply at Lush. I want to work for an organic beauty line.

In the mean time, I'm also applying for Administrative Assistant positions via Craigslist. I'd like to get a job soon, so that I'll have money in savings. The sooner I get a job the sooner I can go to Disney World.

I'm going to start waking up half an hour earlier everyday until I'm waking up at 7 am. Given I woke up today at noon... I should be on course by the 27th. I've got to get going on my goals before time gets the best of me.

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