Friday, April 15, 2011

Positive Things

Now is a very stressful time in my life. I've decided to focus on the positive things to distract myself. I'm also taking part in recreational shopping.

I'm a college graduate. - I bought nice, matching frames for Jared's and my diplomas.
I have a good amount of savings.
I'm purging a lot of clutter which will lead to a less toxic environment.
I'm moving into the first apartment I will share with my wonderful boyfriend.
I'm moving to a big city that offers an urban environment.
There is food in the fridge and in the pantry.
There is a roof over my head.
The weather is beautiful.
In three weeks I'll be visiting my aunt in San Francisco.
I've been feeling better and am getting my energy back.
My skin is looking great.
I have a cute haircut with a little color.

I do have to say that Jared is the highlight of my every day. He cracks me up.

Let's consider how awesome my life could be if everything falls into place. Somehow we move all of our stuff in only two trips. Our apartment is in a great neighborhood where we have easy access to a grocery store and library. The couch our landlord offered us is in good shape and attractive. We befriend our neighbors who are helpful, kind and courteous. We get jobs within three months of the move which allows us to have a good amount of savings to cushion our accounts. We make friends at work and around town. We attend concerts, go to museums, eat at nice restaurants, volunteer in the community. We go to Disney in winter. We like our apartment enough to stay another year. We buy a fuel efficient car. We get a corgi that can travel with us around the nation sightseeing. We still make it back to visit with friends and family for holidays. And, then one day, we decide if we like the Twin Cities enough to buy a house with a yard or a condo with a rooftop garden. That's the dream: Jared, a corgi and me living in a nice city in a small, affordable home, traveling to nice places and eating tasty food.

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