Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Holley Projects

I've done a little renovating on the blog tonight. Previously, I was deciding on the best blog title for my post-move blog. Well, the decision has been made. I chose "Holley Projects" because of the word play of the heteronym.

Holley Projects can mean the following:
Holley's series of projects, or great tasks that require effort
Holley directs her voice "so as to be heard clearly in the distance"
Holley forms a new plan or intention for...
Holley "juts out"
Holley "communicates vividly"
Holley makes a picture appear on a screen
As my first project of Holley Projects, I am going to get some sleep. I have a nice day out to attend tomorrow followed by Senior Show at the University of Wisconsin, Platteville.

P.S. I was quoting the dictionary above


  1. You're coming to Senior Show? Yays! :) Art! Free food!

    Sweet new layout. The green is swell!

  2. Katie, I hope I can go to your Senior Show one day. P.S. Do you want my cap and gown? It should fit because we're the same height.


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