Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Final Countdown

We are in the final days of the move out countdown. Here are the few things I have left to do:
  • File a Change of Address
  • Take my cell phone to US Cellular and cancel my contract
  • Get a new phone with Verizon (US Cellular doesn't cover Minneapolis.)
  • Call my two student loan providers and change my billing address
  • Cancel my Younker's card (I'm a Macy's girl at heart. Thank you Mall of America.)
  • Change the billing address for my Old Navy account
  • Cancel utility services to the Platteville house
  • Find a cheap, yet reliable internet service for the apartment
  • Nag Jared into ordering more Insulin
When we get to Minneapolis I need to get these things done:
  • Find a place to volunteer a few times a week
  • Arrange the living room where it looks less cramped
  • Set up the kitchen
  • Hang up my clothes
  • Unpack everything
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Get a Minnesota ID
  • Register to vote
  • EDIT: Take photos of new place and send cards to the grandmothers.
I won't be applying for jobs until after my trip to San Francisco. And I won't be shopping for anything until after I get a job. The great news is that I'm in the home stretch for moving. I keep thinking about things I'd like to replace that are broken (like I have two Barenaked Ladies Stunt CDs that are scratched in the same place). Then, I realize that because I buy second hand, everything is going to be cheaper in the city. Another bit of great news is that I'm being added on to Jared's family's cell phone plan. That will cut my bill in half! I also called US Cellular and they're waiving the fee for early contract termination as long as I turn in my cell phone and equipment.

So far serendipity has been good to our tiny household.

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