Friday, April 29, 2011

100 Things That I Love

Today I read articles on minimalism and happiness. The article on minimalism spoke of Dave Bruno's 100 Thing Challenge. The article on happiness was about how hard it can be to pinpoint what makes us happy. Because my brain is really into remixes, I bring you the 100 Things That I Love list.
  1. I love reading about the news online, but hate televised news.
  2. I love movies that have good Rotten Tomatoes ratings and explosions (e.g. The Rundown), but generally dislike movies with amazing Rotten Tomatoes ratings (e.g. Gran Torino).
  3. I love bar-b-que.
  4. I love any show or movie that is set in space... but I don't like Star Wars.
  5. I love prints, but hate stripes.
  6. I love long hair --- on anyone else but me.
  7. I love dancing solo or with ladies, but hate dancing with a guy.
  8. I love to see people get what they deserve.
  9. I love to window shop online. I spend hours filling up a cart and then close the tab.
  10. I love making Excel charts.
  11. I love trying new foods.
  12. I love hanging out with one person at a time, and feel a little lost in groups.
  13. I love being out in the sun no matter how bad it is for me.
  14. I love customizing everyday items.
  15. I love unexpected uses of everyday items.
  16. I love that I can solve most problems with vinegar.
  17. I love cheese bread from Domino's pizza with ranch dressing.
  18. I love that outside smell that you can't bottle. You just have to go outside and let it sink in.
  19. I love anything from the Rosebud Perfume Company.
  20. I love affordable shipping rates.
  21. I love 7 for $25.50 undies sales at Victoria's Secret.
  22. I love catfish.
  23. I love that I can realistically sketch anything in front of me.
  24. I love the Barenaked Ladies. If I was trapped on a desert island, they could serenade me everyday.
  25. I love mnemonic devices.
  26. I love portmanteaus. (I even love the word "portmanteau.")
  27. I love small, pretty things with excellent design value.
  28. I love Jane Tran bobby pins.
  29. I love TOMS classics.
  30. I love jigsaw puzzles.
  31. I love crossword puzzles.
  32. I love cryptoquotes.
  33. I love zucchini bread.
  34. I love asparagus.
  35. I love spinach, but I hate lettuce.
  36. I love flea markets.
  37. I love garage sales.
  38. I love big concerts, but hate the crowds.
  39. I love vinyl records.
  40. I love plants.
  41. I love campy movies.
  42. I love puns.
  43. I love satire.
  44. I love exaggerated facial expressions
  45. I love to make loud, weird noises.
  46. I love Heavenly Hash ice cream from Food Club.
  47. I love The Beatles, but hate Across the Universe (the movie) and The White Album.
  48. I love Doctor Who (2005- ), but grow very tired of Doctor Who (1963–1989).
  49. I love blue cotton candy at the movies.
  50. I love a Chicago style hot dog with cajun fries.
  51. I love laughing so hard my chest hurts, and I'm out of breath.
  52. I love Colin Firth. He's easily my favorite actor.
  53. I love SNL Celebrity Jeopardy.
  54. I love regular Jeopardy.
  55. I love Whitest Kids U Know.
  56. I love Flight of the Conchords.
  57. I love funny t-shirts, but hate text t-shirts.
  58. I love talking about anything that isn't religion, politics or sex.
  59. I love having close friends who can tell me all about their personal lives, but hate when complete strangers tell me their business.
  60. I love being honest, but hate that I have a reputation for being brutally honest. (There are things I keep my trap shut about.)
  61. I love being able to look up anything I want online.
  62. I love corgis. (You guys knew that was coming.)
  63. I love shopping and going to museums alone.
  64. I love talking with food in my mouth. (True story. Ask Jared.)
  65. I love RED RED RED.
  66. I love our cushy orange chair.
  67. I love documentaries.
  68. I love reading about real life tragedy.
  69. I love Amelie.
  70. I love purses, but hate backpacks and messenger bags.
  71. I love floral tapestry print luggage.
  72. I love having painted nails.
  73. I love David Sedaris's biographical short stories.
  74. I love brightly colored houses.
  75. I love colorful, interesting socks.
  76. I love sweet tea. (Or, for you Northerners, Iced Tea with sugar.)
  77. I love heavy-handed design from the 1970s.
  78. I love furniture that is multi-functional, but I hate multi-tasking.
  79. I love short sentences that clearly get a point across.
  80. I love my bed.
  81. I love anagrams.
  82. I love pizza.
  83. I love notebooks. (Especially Moleskines. And, I'm okay with how hipster that is.)
  84. I love cliches.
  85. I love fruit flavored, sugarless gum.
  86. I love silhouettes.
  87. I love snarky cross-stitch.
  88. I love Coke.
  89. I love my insoles.
  90. I love cheese. (Especially goat cheese, Havarti and aged cheddar.)
  91. I love smoked oysters and clams.
  92. I love shell fish.
  93. I love bracelets.
  94. I love copper anything. (My copper piggy bank is amazing.)
  95. I love finding new television shows to love.
  96. I love making my own sound effects and theme songs.
  97. I love straightening things.
  98. I love really well seasoned salsa.
  99. I love metal works.
  100. I love lamp(s).

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