Monday, March 14, 2011

Ready Set Go: Part I

I am pretty excited to say that I am feeling much much better. I have my usual energy back and the headaches have dissipated. I am one happy camper about this. The only potential downside is that this makes me want to get a big move on a bunch of projects.

I've decided that if we're taking furniture along with us, it needs to be in excellent shape. I want to refinish my typewriter table that I love dearly. I want to refinish my metal end table. And, most of all, I want to find someone to refinish the arm chair. (Notice I didn't say "my;" technically this chair belongs to Jared.) I also would like to refinish the large dresser upstairs.

I really love these pieces, but the typewriter table is covered in paint (from my college years) and the end table hasn't been taken care of. It used to live in a basement, and I have no idea how old it is. The dresser is chipped up and needs to be sanded and painted. I love the chair, but it's very faded. I want the chair to be something we keep a long time. I'm searching for someone to professionally upholster the chair. I think this will be an excellent investment piece of furniture.

Jared wants to keep this small table that we refinished last summer, but it needs additional work. He might take this to his father for further tweaking.

Of course we are keeping our coffee table, end table and laptop table that I purchased from Swiss Colony this year. Also we're keeping the kitchen table and chairs from my old apartment.

Also, I need to clean the downstairs and start boxing up items. I want to inventory every item we own in order to narrow down what is coming with us. I will do this on an Excel chart broken up by room. This list can be used when we purchase renter's insurance once we do move.

I've used my Google calendar to schedule my days off to be devoted to a particular room in the house.
I've emailed three posters on Craigslist about viewing apartments this weekend.
I've made a list of short term goals for moving and a list of short term goals for everything else.
I've made a list of long term goals.

Now that I'm better I can get on all the stuff I've been sluggishly planning for the past two weeks. (Yay!)

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