Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ready Set Go: Part III

After almost three weeks compiling three separate to-do lists that are color coded by importance and in order of necessary completion... my checklists are finally shrinking!

Pluck your eyebrows and deep condition your hair? No problem! Clean, sand and prime both tables? Check. Check. Check. Clean the upstairs and do the dishes? Yes, please. Call my most awesome Aunt Leigh. You bet! And, finally, create a moving binder and find an apartment? Done and done!

That is right, Jared and I have lucked out. We managed to find an apartment after one day of searching! This is fantastic news, because we don't have to travel another 12 hours for disappointment. Instead, we managed to find a terrific place at our last stop of our five hour tour. (Five hour tour.)

This apartment is so perfect I just spent a good chunk of time researching my future landlords. (Who also seem like kind, honorable people.) It's in the Whittier neighborhood and is a very moderate price. The apartment is a one bedroom with new fixtures, floors, windows and appliances. It even has a dishwasher and off-street parking. When we toured, it took me about two minutes to look and want to move in. Jared felt a little rushed with the decision. (Which he kind of, and I stress "kind of," was rushed.) But, this was the best apartment we'd seen all day and at the best price in the best neighborhood. I'm more than ecstatic. I really hope living there will be as great as I think it is going to be. Oh! And, they allow pets, so Eva, Pepper and Scoopie are welcome guests. They even allow dogs. But, we're not ready for a dog yet.

I saw a lot of now hiring signs around town and am not worried about job availability. I don't want to start applying until around the end of May or early June after my San Francisco trip and after a mini-Summer of exploring town.

When Jared and I were apartment viewing, we got lost in the city. I really didn't mind being lost, but I didn't like being late for an appointment. Minneapolis was beautiful. There are parks everywhere! The traffic isn't congested. I'm really excited, and I haven't even been shopping yet!

We also ate at a very cute diner called The Bad Waitress. It's a great combination of tattooed waitstaff, super hero references, organic (and vegan) food and really great atmosphere. I feel like it's going to be a regular stop for me. I feel like a lot of places in Minneapolis are going to be a regular stop for me.

I hope your weekend was as amazing and productive as mine. I have two lady dates this week to hangout with my friends. I'm pretty excited about that too.

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