Tuesday, March 8, 2011

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is a social networking website that has brought us words like "facebooking" and is nationally (internationally?) recognized by the shortened term "FB," which originally was associated with the Farming Bureau. Pros: Makes keeping up with three high schools' worth of friend easier. Cons: Ever increases my list of internet peeves. Rumored to be ideal for narcissists as well as kill your authenticity.

is a email brought to you by Google.  Pros: Ever expanding inbox, searchable mail, linked to other nifty websites. Cons: Glenn Beck hates Google... oh wait that's a pro.

is a website that streams television shows and movies. Pros: Pretty good selection of television, interesting selection of movies. Cons: House is a week behind and most television shows only have the last few episodes.

is self-explanatory if you are reading this blog that is brought to you by Blogger. Pros: Linked to my Gmail Account, easy interface. Cons: Has yet to invent a filter to stop me from posting things that I shouldn't.

Get Rich Slowly
is an excellent blog on personal finance. It gives tips from debt to stability as written by someone who was doing just that. Pros: Excellent articles, consistent and frequent updates, guest articles. Cons: Hard to find articles about saving for your future that don't involve being thousands of dollars in bad-debt.

is a website with links to articles as well as original articles that focus on tips and tricks on getting things done. It's very tech based. Pros: Interesting DYI articles. Cons: I feel that Lifehacker's general population is a slightly more grown up version of the anonymous entities that believe there are no women on the interweb.

is a website with links to articles as well a original articles that focus on women in the news and articles that women would be interested in. Pros: At times can be very feminist in viewpoints that express the power of women while including fluff pieces on celebrities and adorable bunnies. Cons: At times can be very feminist in viewpoints that express a general distaste for fluff pieces on celebrities and adorable bunnies.

The Mary Sue
is a website that just started up that focuses on geek girl culture. Pros: So far, everything it posts is awesome. Cons: You cannot create an account for commenting. If you want to comment, then you can log in under your Facebook account. I don't like mixing social networks. Favorite daily article: Thing We Saw Today.

is a website for geeks. Pros: Interesting links to articles. Cons: More difficult to navigate than Lifehacker or Jezebel. Favorite daily article: Geekolinks.

is a website that summarizes new articles into short paragraphs and links you to the full article. Pros: Provides photos, so I don't have to Google Image search celebrities. Cons: Allows readers to vote on their reaction to the article.

Three Panel Soul
is a webcomic that is the newest chapter in MacHall. I'm catching up after forgetting about it for a spell.

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