Saturday, March 5, 2011

Review: Rango, I Love You Phillip Morris

Jared and I went to see Rango tonight. We actually paid to watch a movie and traveled to sit among strangers. It is hard to separate the experience of seeing the movie from the experience of watching the movie in a crowded theater. Sometimes this can be wonderful (all Twilight and Harry Potter opening nights) and sometimes it can be a daymare that you cannot escape (Rocky Horror in Dubuque, Legion).

We made two very crucial mistakes that effected this particular viewing of Rango. First off, Jared and I made the mistake of going to the theater on a Friday night. Second off, Jared and I made the mistake of going to a rated PG movie before 7 PM. (Hey, I'm sick. We wanted to make sure I could bear it.) A 6:40 PM showing on a Friday of a PG movie makes the crowd a mixture of college kids and young children with their guardians.

The movie itself was rather "meh." Johnny Depp was overacting per-usual, but his agrandized hand gestures and exagerated postures were less distracting, because Depp was a computer generated lizard. His voice acting was very similar to George Clooney in O Brother, Where Art Thou? (fantastic movie, by the way). The highpoint (SPOILER ALERT) was the sweet action scene involving moles and bats... with tiny firearms. Actually the entire trip to find the bank robbers was visually stunning and the fight scenes were creative. I also enjoyed how the creators put together the town from household objects. However, I was bothered by the mix of regular size items (pocket watches for the clock tower) and miniature items (canning jars and glass bottles).

As for whether or not the movie kept me on the edge of my seat, the answer is no. Actually, the assumed college student sitting next to me fell asleep during the movie. Which is impressive considering there was a little girl running back and forth behind us trying to get her guardians' attention. The whole experience reminded me of the ethics question involving six people hiding from armed guards who would surely kill them if they were found and a crying baby that a mother in the group was carrying. If the mother suffocates the baby to save herself and the others, is it ethically right?

Sorry for going off topic, but I was thinking about silencing that child for an hour of the movie. Not that I'd have the courage to even ssh someone else's child. It is only the responsibility of the guardians to encourage or discourage the behavior of their younglings.

Rango, as a movie: B-
Rango, as the experience of seeing the movie: C

I Love You
Phillip Morris
Jared and I also watched I Love You Phillip Morris today... which was obtained through respectable, upright sources.

I really liked this movie and will be watching it again. Admittedly, I was put off from the beginning, because this movie stars Jim Carrey. I do not like Jim Carrey as a person. When The Truman Show was being filmed in a neighboring town, my mother's cab company provided transportation to Mr. Carrey as well as cast and crew of the movie. Not only did Mr. Carrey refuse an autograph to my mother, but the movie neglected to credit the cab company for their services. My dislike for Jim Carrey was neutralized by my adoration of Ewan McGregor.

The movie was wonderful with many twists and turns. The scriptwriting was brilliant, blunt and very funny. The movie was colorful in both cinematography and language. Jim Carrey's southern accent was high-pitched and ugly which reminded me of characterizations of serial killers in poorly shot made for TV movies. Ewan McGregor was adorable and seemed very sincere. Plus, he slapped Jim Carrey. Excellent.

I Love You Phillip Morris: A (Would be A+ if Carrey's accent wasn't so... sleazy?)

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