Thursday, March 31, 2011

Eighty-five Goals for Minne. Me

I've added a page to my blog that is a list of goals I have set for myself. These goals have no time limit, so they aren't real goals. However, I do like to see my thoughts on the screen, and it will be fun striking them out.

I separated the goals into the following categories: Learn, Go, Home, Blog, Buy, Participate, Health and Me. This list can be found on my side bar above the blog post archive. It will be updated as things move along.

Link to list of goals.


  1. There's a Lush cosmetic store in the Mall of America--totally natural beauty and skincare. You'd like it. I'm a huge fan of their bath articles.

    I would also be delighted to practice Spanish with you. :) You can also kick off your 'go to 25 concerts' goal by coming with us to see Dcab. :)

  2. Katie, I'm your number one fan. I can't wait to see Dcab! Jared even wants to go.

    I'll look into Lush when we get there. I want to replace out my cosmetics. They're all over a year old, because I don't use them.

    I think I want to find a Spanish group study and a ceramics studio somewhere in Minneapolis to frequent. :)!


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