Monday, March 28, 2011

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We are a wonderful 16 to 28 days (depending on when Jared's job ends) from no longer being Wisconsin Residents. Admittedly, I am nervous about the move and am using over-planning to soothe my nervousness. (I'm making tons of lists, Excel sheets, maps of our future apartment... you name it.) But, that's not what this post is about. This post is far more minimal and unimportant. It's only the future of my blog.

Once the Wisconsin to Minnesota transition is completed, having a blog titled "WI to MN" is no longer relevant. I've been ruminating on what my new blog will be called. Here is a list of all considerations thus far:
Holley Today
Holley Lately
A Typical Holley
Minnesota Ametuer
Holley Moly
Whittier Holley
Miss. Minn.
Frozen Hottie (Now, I'm just brainstorming.)
Urban Catfish
Holley Projects

That's all I have right now.

Also, I've been considering getting a tattoo. I'm always considering getting a tattoo. But, I have a hard time committing to a hairstyle or agreeing to a blog title (both of which can be changed at anytime). I seriously doubt a tattoo will be in the immediate future. What I've been considering lately is a tattoo of a catfish. At first I was considering a koi. Let's be a little honest here: I am not a koi. My Dad is from New Orleans, LA. My Mom is from Oneonta, AL. I grew up in sweltering heat and high humidity in the "World's Luckiest Fishing Village." I grew up poor in a rich neighborhood. I'm stoic in nature and take whatever I can get. I'm not saying that when I die from unnatural causes Donald "Ducky" Mallard is going to find a license plate in my stomach. I'm saying that if middle classed suburbanites are tilapia, upper-middle class are salmon and I'm a catfish. I certainly am not a koi. I suppose if I could choose, I'd be a pompano, but those fish are far less recognizable without color. End fish rant.

Please contact me with title suggestions. I don't think anyone is going to connect "Urban Catfish" with the young woman reviewing their restaurant then ranting about corgis on blogspot.
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