Monday, February 14, 2011

Sushi and Shopping

Sunday is Jared and my date night. We went to Dubuque and ate dinner at Taiko. This threw off my diet a bit. I ate a hard boiled egg, toast and a banana for breakfast. We split a sushi roll that the waitress recommended, whatever E37 is was delicious. We also split the 10 pc sushi plate we normally share. :)

Sushi was a little strange, because I filled up before my plate was cleared.

We went shopping a little. I bought some Bass rubber boots for the slushy future. And, I got a yellow sweater which I was looking for this winter. Jared (Thank god) bought two pairs of jeans. Hopefully these will replace the shocking number of buttonless, strangely worn and stained pants he has collected.

I did make a small not-used-to-having-an-employed-boyfriend mistake. I was in dresses checking out yellow dot Calvin Kleins and Jared was all, "Hey, I'm going to go shop over here," and pointed towards the front of the store. I bumped into him, both of us empty handed. Apparently he was entertaining the jewelry lady trying to find me something.

The rubber boots were a good idea because my TOMS are not going to survive the amount of melted snow I'm going to walk through while I'm living in the Midwest (possibly forever).

I have decided that I need to make a move out calendar and a weigh in calendar. I'm also going to plan to reward myself for weight loss. Maybe some red canvas TOMS for 10 lbs (145) and a nice dress for 20 lbs (135).

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