Thursday, February 10, 2011

Diet Change

Today I went to see a dietitian. She gave me a little print out with recipes, so that I eat 1200 calories a day. I just finished cooking my meals for the next seven days. For breakfast I will have a hard-boiled egg, a slice of toast, an orange and plain yogurt. For lunch I will have a turkey sandwich with Havarti on whole wheat bread with lettuce and mustard. As a side I will have a handful of raw broccoli and another handful of grapes. For dinner I have prepared a pasta salad with mushrooms, green peppers, whole grain pasta and olive oil. This will be paired with a 3 oz serving of chicken and Herb de Penze and a small salad. I have 1% milk, rice cakes and graham crackers for snacks. I purchased Splenda for my sweet tea and Coke Zero to cut down on empty calories.

That's my new diet. Next week I'll have a different menu.

I want to say that shopping like an adult was shocking. I kept looking in the cart thinking something was wrong. There was just too much food. And, when I checked out the total was twice as much as I normally spend on groceries a week.

Because my schedule is so backwards, I'm going to eat breakfast when I get home for work, dinner when I wake up and lunch at 7:50 pm when I have my dinner break.

Wake Up
12:30 pm Dinner
3:30 pm Snack
7:50 pm Lunch
9:50 pm Snack
1:30 am Breakfast
3:30 am Sleep
Or something like that. My dietitian says that because I'm hypoglycemic I get two snacks. Party fun time.

I would like to try dieting like this for 90 days. I start when I wake up today.

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