Saturday, January 15, 2011

Trendy, Trendy Minimalism

Minimalism is becoming a trend in America... or at least in blog topics. Lately, two specific "movements" have caught my eye and a good amount of press. These two movements are The Compact and Six Items or Less.

The Compact is extremely simple. Don't buy anything new for a year.

Six Items or Less is a little more complicated. It's a challenge to wear six clothing articles (excluding undergarments, swim wear, work-out clothes, work uniforms, outer wear, shoes and accessories) for a month.

I actually really enjoy The Compact. I like the idea of not buying new items. This will better hone in on what people do not use and better utilize what they already have. It encourages people to shop their closet and evaluate their reason for shopping. Plus, extending the challenge to a year can make for a lifetime change. After 36 days a person can break or make a habit. 365 should cement the crap out of it.

Six Items or Less is... I can't think of a better word than "worthless." First off, this is not minimalism. The website actually encourages those participating to purchase multiples in the same color. A lot of books and blogs focused on uncluttering tell you to get rid of multiples first, because having two of something you need one of is a no brainer when narrowing down your closet. Not to mention the list of excluded items is pretty vast. Also, how is it a challenge to wear the same thing day after day? Steve Jobs does this all year round. The month long challenge is more of a cocktail conversation starter than a life changing experience.

This is a little picky of me, but I'm also bothered by the marketing of the two ideas. Six Items or Less looks to have a graphic designer at its disposal, and The Compact... is a yahoo group. But, good ideas don't need glitter to make them shine.

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