Thursday, January 27, 2011

Top 5: Bruce Willis Movies

I am a huge Bruce Willis fan. I've seen every movie he has been in with the exception of the latest two movies, Red and The Expendables. (I'm trying to keep the illusion that he's still a young whippersnapper. It's similar to not reading the end of a book so that your favorite character can live forever.)

Side Note: I feel a barely recognizable Halloween costume in the making when I look at this poster. All I'll need is a black hat, sunglasses and a few Da Vincis.

Top Five Bruce Willis Movies
Hudson Hawk
Bruce Willis plays the title role Hudson Hawk, a just out of prison cat burglar. He keeps time by singing excellent tunes. This movie also makes little to no sense, which I approve of.
Die Hard
Willis is John McClane, action hero. He saves the day and kills bad guys in an office building. Yippe Kay ay.
Now as Joe Blake, Willis plays another just out of prison burglar (this time bank robber.) He teams up with Billy Bob Thorton and they rob banks and share a red headed woman.
Fifth Element
Bruce is Korben Dallas, a taxi driver/ex-special forces major. He delivers a super sexy red head and some stones to a temple with a priest and a radio personality. This movie has excellent dialog, a futuristic setting, and weird alien gore galore.
The Last Boyscout
To mix things up, Willis plays Joe Hallenbeck, private detective/former secret service agent. He takes down a drug ring, avenges the death of a stripper (Halle Berry) and dances a jig atop a football field. His on screen daughter has a dirty mouth and a strange relationship with a hand puppet. This movie also has excellent dialog and one liners. The chemistry between Willis and Wayans is tangible.

For the record there are only two Bruce Willis movies I dislike: Pulp Fiction and Unbreakable.

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