Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cleaning in the New Year

I'm setting the same New Year's Resolution I did this year as I did last year: I will make an effort to be more thankful for what is provided to me and the people in my life.

However, I am embracing the idea that there is no future; there is only now. I'm doing this by creating a thorough list of what I need to do to clean my house.

Plan of Attack: Clean House
Always clean the floor last.

 Sink Done 1/9/11
 Mirror Done 1/9/11
 Toilet Done 1/7/11
 Floor Done 1/7/11

 Stove top Done 1/4/11
 Counter tops Done 1/9/11
 Go Through Misc Drawers Done 1/4/11
 Rearrange Pots/Pans Done 1/4/11
 Added 1/4/11: Sort Through Misc Plastic Storage Containers Done 1/9/11

Living room
 Dust Between TV and Wall
 Dust End Tables
 Move Couches and Sweep
 Move Coffee Table and Vacuum Rug

 Do All Laundry  Done 1/3/11
 Clean Under Bed (If Necessary)  Determined Unnecessary 1/4/11
 Vacuum Floors

Dining room
 Take Down and Store Christmas Tree and Ornaments Done 1/2/11
 Move Table Under Light Done 1/2/11
 Remove ALL Knickknacks From Tables 85% Done 1/2/11

This is my weekend off, which I intend to spend relaxing at home. However, on Monday I would be working eight hours answering phone calls, but instead I have the day to myself. I plan on devoting the majority of my waking hours to the list above ... I would also like to put together the puzzle I started last week Done1/2/11, send out my thank you cards Done 1/3/11, cook our weekly meals  Done 1/5/11, and call my favorite aunt Done 1/3/11.

I'm also striving to not look into moving until the 11th hour. I need to stop pouring over Craigslist and Google researching apartments without a clarified budget and timeline.

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