Sunday, December 25, 2011

Top 5: Actors Tainted By One Character

Have you ever been introduced to someone who totally blew their introduction? That initial meeting then tainted all future meetings, because you thought of them as "the creepy guy," "the dumb guy," or "that one asshole." The first time I took note of these actors, the first time I really saw them... has ruined every future movie for me that they were in. This is NOT a list of one note actors (Keanu Reeves, Michael Cera, Robert Duval). This is a list of flexible actors, totally capable of playing a variety of characters... who I can only see one way. And really, it's their fault for being so convincing.

Patrick Wilson is a fantastic actor. He did a wonderful job in Watchmen, Phantom of the Opera, and  The A-Team. He takes on each role with ease and a million dollar smile. Unfortunately, whatever sexiness he tried to portray in Little Children (or in the newly released Young Adult) ... will be lost on me. Because every time I look at his kind-eyes and fresh-face... all I see is a child-hungry pedophile, Jeff Kohlver from Hard Candy.

Now with 33% more creepy.

Zeljko Ivanek played potentially the most likable character in Damages. He was likable because he was flawed and suffering... and there for relatable. Although he played a highly educated, southern lawyer... I'd find myself staring at his finger tips. I was looking to see if he had fingernails, because to me he will forever be JJ the inbred, child-marrying, fundamentalist Mormon from Big Love. Ivanek is a wonderful, believable actor whose characters tend to blur the line between good-guy and bad-guy without seeming forced or unnatural.

He also has no fingernails.

James Callis has guest-starred on several Science Fiction shows I adore. He did a stint on Eureka as Dr. Trevor Grant. He played Gabriel McDow on the short-lived FlashForward. He graced the romcom genre as Tom in Bridget Jones Diary. What's amazing is that he never seems to grow older. Perhaps because he's actually a sleeper cylon that has been on this planet from the dawn of human time. Perhaps because he is ... Dr Gaius Baltar from Battlestar Galactica.

Every show James Callis is in is actually a documentary
of the life of Gaius Baltar.

Laurence Fishburne is the "new" Gibbs on CSI: Las Vegas. He's played compelling characters in Akeelah and the Bee, Searching for Bobby Fischer and Mystic River. He's won an Emmy. He's written screenplays. He's a qualified, well-known actor. I've seen him in a number of movies, including the serious and ultimately frightening Apocalypse Now. However... when I refer to him in movies, I do not call him "Laurence Fishburne." I call him by his true name - Morpheus.

How can you out run a character who exists outside of the matrix?
You can't .

Jake Busey plays crazy characters who all seem like time-bombs about to go off. He actually was in a movie titled Time Bomb! I haven't seen time bomb, but I can guess he's a crazy, spontaneous character. I have seen him in The Killing Jar, Enemy of the StateStarship Troopers and Contact. All good movies with definite high points. But, as I was watching these movies (including Starship Troopers, where he played kind of a dope)... every ounce of me was waiting for him to carve a number into somebody's forehead with a box cutter. For me Busey will always be Johnny Charles Bartlett from The Frighteners. Specifically, he will always be the Bartlett in corporeal form and not like... a crazy house ghost waiting to eat me.

I only see him that way in nightmares.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Weekend Highlights

I watched Harold and Maude.
I dressed Gizmo as a reindeer.
I made a really good Italian pasta.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gizmo's Usual Walk

Jared and I have very different styles of dog-parenting when it comes to walks. He's very button-up and strict; where as, I tend to have a shall we say ... lazier approach. Here are some videos I made today on our walk. Admittedly, I let a few things get away from me.

key words: corgi, Gizmo, pembroke welsh corgi, walk, minneapolis, running, barking, puggle, cute, videos, video, corgis

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

No Shop November

Over the last few weeks, I have taken part in far too much retail therapy. I think I'm just stressed out and use shopping as recreation. Although I love it... I just don't have the room in my house and far too much room in my wallet.

So my plan is simple: I'm not going shopping in November.

Unfortunately for you (and me)... this means a hiatus for This Week in Thrift. I would be able to highlight purchases I've made in the past. But, I'd like to have some different posting ideas. I'm not willing to talk about work on my blog, because I've never been 100% clear on what I can and cannot post about. To stay in the clear, I just don't post about work. If ya'll have want an update... call me (preferably on the weekend). If anyone has blog post requests, please share them! I need content ASAP.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

This Week in Thrift: Bag Sale and Then Some

This weekend was Calvary Lutheran Church's rummage sale. On Saturday, everything has individual prices. Sunday, it's bag day! You purchase a bag for a flat fee and can fill it with whatever will fit. I got there late in the day and most of the place was cleaned out. Here is what I bought for $1.00.

Not pictured: a mint-condition, veggie steamer; two crafty, fabric reindeer; a small, green, wicker box; and these little, knit chachkis. 

I also went across the street to some kind of garage sale. I bought a button-up for a dollar. And, on our way home I stopped by Buffalo Exchange. (Hey! We were already in the car and on Lyndale; might as well.) I purchased a cute floral top for $8.75. (Big spender.) Jared bought a Kenneth Cole leather coat for $34.50. 

Then that night we went and saw the "new" Harry Potter and Rise of the Planet of the Apes at Riverview Theater. We ate two huge buckets of popcorn for dinner. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

This Week in Thrift: Smells Like Store

On Saturday, Jared and I got lost in Richfield/Bloomington trying to find Menard's. On our way to Menard's (and yes, we finally found it) we found a great Goodwill. It's located on American Blvd. outside of the Mall of America. The prices are fair, and the majority of the merchandise is new. The whole time I was browsing I kept announcing how shocked I was that there were so many new Target brand items for such low prices at this store.

I tried on quite a few things (all at once because there is no dressing room limit!) Everything I tried on was in great (if not new) condition. I could have easily gone broke there, but only a few things fit correctly (and didn't make me look like a Sister Wife). I did find two nice leather waist belts.

And, I found two nice dresses. One of which is a size 6! Calvin Klein grey herringbone print dress. It smells like store and was $14.99. I'm very pleased. It fits me like a glove. There was also a Marshall Fields brand lilac sweater jacket. The color is wonderful, and the fabric is a very nice weight. It's also structured enough to be worn to work.

Gizmo's costumes came in the mail this week as well. Here is a photo of him in a sombrero.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Three Years, Three Days

This Monday was Jared and my 3 year anniversary. We didn't do much for the actual day. Jared came home with a bouquet of daisies. We went to Java and ate at the dinner buffet. Then, I passed out. (I rolled my ankle over the weekend and was totally wiped out from walking around at work. That's actually why I'm updating in the middle of the day today. I needed a day off to myself.)

This year was our first year of living together as well as our first year out of school. We worked full-time jobs for the first six-months working opposite shifts Monday through Friday. I was sick for a number of months and out of work for a number more. Jared continued to work his job in various locations for Swiss Valley. It was trying to work opposite shifts and only see each other on weekends. It was also trying to live together with a lot less solitary time than we are used to.

In May, we moved to Minneapolis together to our first shared apartment. In July we adopted a dog together. I look forward to what will happen next in our fourth year.

The day we signed our lease.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dogtoberfest 2011

Saturday, Jared and I took Gizmo to Dogtoberfest!

Dogtoberfest is a get-together benefiting Underdog Rescue. It is put on annually by Urbanimal in Uptown. There were several dog-lovin' vendors there as well as activities for dogs and their humans. Of course, there was a beer tent and brats.

At the start of our day out, we walked down to the Urbanimal location on Lyndale. It was a great day and the walk was uneventful. When we arrived, we were greeted by a representative of Urbanimal and signed up for the raffle. We also got a wristband for being one of the first 100 people to arrive accompanied by a dog.

Gizmo got right to sniffing other dogs. His favorite booth was the bobbing for hotdogs kiddie pool. We stopped there three times, and he vacuumed up all the hotdogs he could get his tongue on. There were two pools, one for smaller dogs and one for bigger dogs. Gizmo stuck his nose in both.

We also made some dog art. He made a paint paw print onto a red foam leaf. We wrote his name on it and stuck on a UFO sticker.

Because we were the first 100 in the door, Gizmo got the best goodie bag I have ever seen for just showing up. We're good on dog treats for the next few months! I also picked him up a few duck feet, a pig snout and strips of pigs ear.

The Downtown Dogs booth let us know about a dog Halloween party their throwing on the 31st! He was suited up in a Downtown Dogs scarf, and we picked up a flyer for the party. I ordered him a Dracula cape for Halloween. Hopefully, he'll be able to romp around and play in the cape. I didn't want to get him a costume that stretched over him like pajamas, because he can't do his business in those and they cover his ears. Plus, I'm having a hard time justifying a $30 costume for my dog. He looks way better naked anyways.

Preparing to sniff butts!

Gizmo hasn't gotten over his Gentle Leader yet, and continues to run his face against anything he can find. I made a (bad) gif of this going down.

If I still had a copy of Photoshop, I could align these frames better. For now, this is what you get.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Big Girl Accomplishments: Back to Earth

I've decided that my benchmarks are good, but my prizes are too lofty to serve a purpose.

The idea of goals, for me, is to distract myself from my compulsion to shop. If I was more tech-savvy, I'd block online stores. What I have done (and this is silly) is I bought myself a wonderful, beautiful, quality purse that I would love to use and think about everyday. I set this purse on top of our DVD stand. I've decided I am not allowed to use my purse until I'm out of debt (small bank loan, store cards, credit cards). I'm about half way there so far. I want to pay off all my store cards and credit card before touching the loan. That way, I'm eliminating high APRs.

I can't really worry about money though. As long as I pull in some sort of income, I'll be fine. With my rent and expenses as low as they are, I can easily survive on unemployment insurance while searching for a new job. However, I find myself more frugal and more financially insecure when I'm making money and on the edge of debt. When I'm close to maxing out my credit... I feel like I can go crazy, like 23 is a great age to go into an absurd amount of debt. When I have a job, and feel the struggle of paying bills using workable income... I stress out.

I'm off topic. Here are my new prizes that are in a lower price range. Plus, some of these things I need to replace/need for my house. What I would like to do... (and this is something I'm not sure is a good idea) is to buy my prizes ahead of time (not all at once) and set them in the living room like I have my purse. It's easier to say no to temptation with a goal within reach.

Accomplishment: Pay Off Debt
I finally will get to use my new purse! AND I'll buy a vacuum!
Accomplishment: Build Up $1000 Emergency Fund
New Keen shoes AND a new wireless mouse!
Accomplishment: Build Up $2500 Emergency Fund
iPod Nano
Accomplishment: Find a Full-time Permanent Job
Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS AND (if I need them) computer glasses
Accomplishment: Build Up $1000 Savings Account
ECO Citizen Watch

And to all you self-proclaimed responsible adults out there - I understand that the goal itself should be enough, but I'm a Womangirl and need pretties to make myself work.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This Week in Thrift: Ball Jars and a Spoon Bracelet

I've decided to do a weekly feature called "This Week in Thrift." I usually go out thrift shopping at least once a week. Sometimes I find stuff; sometimes I don't. If it's a don't week, I'll just profile something I found that is second hand in my house. 

Today, Karen and I went to Savers on Lake St. after work. She found really great black pinstripe pants from Lane Bryant with the tags still on them. I found some cornflower blue Ball Jars, a bracelet made from the handles of silverware, and a London Times green dress with a nice print.

Here are some pictures.

This one is a little washed out due to a mixture
of flash and no Picniking. 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mighty Swell But Not Well

I have had a horrible flu for the last week. I'm getting basically nothing done at home... everything is either too loud, too bright... or makes me nauseous. I don't like to use a emoticons in my blog posts, but... :(

Today, I got up enough energy to go to the Mighty Swell Vintage Popup Sale. I've had it marked on my calendar for a while now, and no migraine was going to keep me away!

I scored a cute floral, purple dress; a metal bowl; a beaded belt; and (not pictured) a decorative hand towel. Here are some photos.

Fingers crossed that I will feel better soon. Right now, I just feel like death. Sniffly, cranky death.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jared Free Weekend

It has always been the case that when Jared is gone for a set amount of time, I get a lot of work done. I'm an organizational procrastinator. Here is a list of EVERYTHING I want to do while Jared is gone this weekend:
Clean my bathroom floor
Clean my bathroom sink
Clean my toilet
Reorganize my closet to be more seasonably appropriate
Reorganize my dresser top to increase surface visibility
Dance with Gizmo
Go through the mail dish
Clean the stove
Window shop online
Clean off that lamp, it is hella dusty
Clean out the fridge
Clear counter tops
Invent crazy stories of fighting off certain death to tell Jared
Clear table top
Watch a movie on Netflix
Make a list of spices I'm running out of
Clean off counter tops and table top
Read Jezebel
Moisturize my hair and do a face mask
Take khakis to be hemmed
Eat a calzone
Declutter living room
Clean off end tables and coffee tables
Do laundry? Maybe?
Sweep floors
Call my mama
Paint my toenails
Wash the dog
Wipe down both gigantic mirrors in the house... as well as the bathroom and vanity mirror
Do some impromptu karaoke (or a lot)
Take photos of all my favorite second hand pieces in the house (or at least some of them for Part I)
Woo. This weekend is going to be a ball of excitement wrapped in an adventure. My next post will pmost likely show off my thrift scores. :D

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Making Up Is Hard To Do

When I was seven years old, my father purchased a makeup kit for me. He said that living with my mother meant I would need to teach myself how to put on makeup, because she doesn't wear any. He was 100% right about that. I didn't wear makeup in high school and dabbled (very little) in college. The only thing I really liked was nail polish. When I was a kid it was all about bright, red nails that I would paint everyday. 

Without a little color on my face, I look all of 17. (Which is cool, because I'm a 17 year-old hottie.) I wanted to make an impression my first week of work, and decided that dressing the part would be as important as playing the part. And, with all things, I jumped in with both feet. I did a little research on what brand with which I could get the biggest bang for my buck. I used to make my decision. It turns out Eyes Lips Face (sold at Target, KMart and Online) is a great company for cheapo, quality makeup. I put in a $25.00 order and received free shipping. Then after receiving my makeup from ELF and starting my first week at Target, I looked to Jezebel for makeup advice. Jez has a new recurring post called "Worth It." From there I bought two different types of lipstick.

I've decided to give a review of the makeup I've purchased. Most of these reviews will be glowing (I'm excellent at research), but a few won't be so hot. Here is a music video of the song that fuels my lust for makeup shopping.

Eyes Lips Face Flawless Finish Foundation
Due to the hereditary gift that is acne, I have spent hundreds of dollars trying to find a foundation that isn't god awful. I want a foundation that doesn't cake, flake, crack or wear off in a few hours. It needs to match my (scary white, slightly pasty) skintone and it has to blend down to the neckline. I've tried Clinique, Origins, Mary Kay, Avon, Rimmel, Revlon... etc. I was very pleased to purchase an oil free foundation for $6.00 online that meets all of my requirements. I only need half a pump to cover my whole face, and the foundation blends down smoothly and creates a great canvas for eyeshadow, blush, and bronzer.
Eyes Lips Face Concealer Stick
I purchased this concealer stick in the lightest possible color. I tend to wear it on top of my foundation, because I feel putting concealer on first then foundation wipes out all of your carefully painted patches. This concealer smells great and feels cool going on. It blocks out redness and dark circles alike. I also use it on my lips before applying a dark, pigmented lip color.
Eyes Lips Face 100 Eyeshadow Palette
I'm 50/50 on this eye shadow palette. I love the packaging and how easy it is to choose a color with the ROYGBIV organization. However, I've encountered a few colors (most notably the bright Purple) that have little to no pigmentation. I go in expecting a rich, dark purple and get bubkiss. It's a pretty quick fix; I just go one up to the navy and brush it on. So, part of me dislikes this product, because the pigmentation you get is a coin toss. I also feel that the staying power of these eyeshadows is lacking. I apply three colors in the morning and by lunch I'm wearing a big grey smear. While the palette is laid out very well, the size of the palette makes travelling with it nearly impossible. With a short face-life, I would expect a smaller size for a mid-afternoon refresher. I would like to say, this is a great way to figure out what colors look good on you and which colors you favor.
Eyes Lips Face Golden Bronzer
This is my favorite item from my ELF purchase. I don't think that if I saw this in store I would purchase it, because it does have shimmer. I'm very opposed to glitter, because it draws attention to blemishes. The shimmer of this bronzer is reflective, but not overwhelming and leaves you with a bit of a glow (in a good way). This bronzer is wonderful and adds dimension to your face. When wearing red lipstick, I use this bronzer as an eyeshadow as well. It's my favorite.
Maybelline SuperStay 24HR Lip Color
This long-lasting lip color was featured on Jezebel in a Worth It article. I went to Walgreens and purchased a tube in Continuous Coral. I put on the color, make a shocked expression for two minutes waiting for it to dry, and then apply the clear lacquer. I reapply gloss every once in a while throughout the day, and this color lasts through work into the end of day. The lip color is oil soluable, so if you eat a greasy cheese burger, you'll lose your lips. SuperStay comes in several shades of bright, pigmented color. I recently purchased All Day Cherry and Reliable Raspberry. I prefer this lip color over the stains I have tried. (Including Benetint and the below reviewed Covergirl Outlast.)
CoverGirl Outlast Lip Stain
This lip stain barely lasts the commute to work. In all fairness, it's not the stains fault! It's the packaging. This stain is drying and does not come with a lip lacquer attached. If you try to soothe your dry lips with chapstick, the stain comes right off. However, for the 20 minutes I can bear dry lips, this stain is great. It looks good, smells good and flexes well.
CoverGirl Lip Slick
I purchased a Covergirl Lip Slick in "Hipster," which is the darkest color offered. The color goes on sheer and can be built up. Hipster is a cooler tone and goes well with my winter skin. I am very pleased with this lip slick, because it has saved my lips from the drying stain featured above. I have no qualms about this slick. Just keep in mind, it isn't as pigmented and bright as SuperStay. (But, it looks great over it.)
CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume Blasting Mascara
I needed a waterproof mascara after my first few days when my eyes were watering from straining into the computer. The brush is nice and separates lashes cleanly. The mascara does not clump up or stick together. But, I am used to a thicker, more dramatic look. I've tried to layer up with this mascara, and it's not happening. Overall, it's waterproof, clean and is good for a natural look.
Revlon Matte Lipstick
I have learned my lesson. I will now keep my receipts from Walgreens. This lipstick was featured in a Worth It article as well. It does meet all the aspects outlined in the article. For me, this lipstick wore down by lunch. I went to reapply, and the lipstick clumped up and felt terrible. I don't think I'm much for classic lipsticks. I'll stick to my long-wear. Live and learn; I guess.
I hope your September has been awesome so far! I'm loving my job, and the environment of Target Headquarters is awesome. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will become something more permanent.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mouths of Babes

I was harassed in high school by a girl with low self-esteem.
I was harassed in college by a grown woman with low self-esteem.

This 15 year-old girl totally gets it.
Getting Over Girl Hate by Tavi Gevinson

Monday, September 5, 2011

Big Girl Accomplishments

Today, Jared and I talked about motivation. In my mind, motivation comes in three materialistic, money-grubbin' forms. Provide incentive by promising new, great things for the two of us: house, car, shorter commute. Provide incentive by promising new, awesome things for himself: iPod touch, speaker system, smartphone. And finally, the less fun one, deny himself something he enjoys until reaching specific benchmarks: no videogames until he's applied for so many jobs.

Last week, I also found myself wanting. I wanted not only small, simple things, but big, expensive things! Get Rich Slowly has taught me that I can have everything I want, just not all at once. So, I bring to you a list of Big Girl Accomplishments and their matching Big Girl Prizes. (All monetary benchmarks must include the price of the prize. Example: Accomplishment: Build Up $1000 Emergency Fund, Prize: Something That Costs $200. The entire amount saved should be over $1200.)

Accomplishment: Pay Off Debt
This is a pretty simple goal that is a huge deal. I want to pay off all credit card debt, store card debt and the loan I have with UWCU. I am not including my student loans in this goal, because I don't plan on paying them until I have to. 
PrizeTravelon Hanging Toiletry Kit

Accomplishment: Build Up $1000 Emergency Fund
It's important to build up an emergency fund, just in case I end up unemployed for a few months... again. 
PrizeWacom Bamboo Pen Tablet

Accomplishment: Build Up $2500 Emergency Fund
PrizeiPod Nano

I'll get the newest one... whenever I have that much money saved.

Accomplishment: Find a Full-time Permanent Job
If I have accomplished the above goals and find a full-time permanent job... I'm going to spend a huge chunk of change on an amazing camera. 
Prize: Fuji Film FinePix X100

Accomplishment: Stay With the Same Company for One Year
Prize: Disney Vacation

Accomplishment: Build Up $1000 Savings Account
Prize: A New Couch!

Accomplishment: Build Up $2500 Savings Account AND Jared has a stable job
Prize: A New Home!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

High Cost of Being Poor

It's Sunday; tomorrow is Labor Day; I start work on Tuesday. Normally, this would all be good news. But, today I received an email from letting me know I had been charged a $10.00 service fee from UW Credit Union. It also informed me that I had received the same service fee three times prior.

I looked into the fee, which was aptly labeled < 7 Qualifying Services. I was charged $10.00 for August, July and June. Why? Because I hadn't used my debit card in this time.

Why haven't I been charging to my debit card? I have been unemployed and living on credit for the last two months. All my transactions went through my credit card, which I paid off with a small loan. I haven't been using my credit card for fear of overdrawing my checking account (which causes a $5.00 fee).

I plan on calling into my bank once I am off of work. Unfortunately, my bank is open half an hour past my end of day. I am not totally sure that I will have the time to settle this dispute.

This is a short retelling, because I'm very frustrated right now. I feel like I am being punished for being unemployed. This month, I will make sure to buy a stick of gum with my debit card. In the meantime, I'm going to start researching banks in Minneapolis.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dear Erin McManness, fashion inspiration and blogger,

Please make stud/post earrings, so that I can buy something from your shop. I'm a simple girl, but I want to support the arts/my friends.

<3 Holley

Gizmo's Best Week Ever

It is Wednesday, and already Gizmo is having the best week ever. Monday night, I gave Gizmo a bath. I used three times the amount of soap I thought I would. The bath water looked like chicken bullion when he was completely rinsed. It was disgusting. The first time I washed him over a month ago, the bathtub was filled with hair. I didn't wash him as well as I could have, because we didn't know each other, and I was unsure how he would react. This time around, there were maybe five hairs in the whole tub. I'm thinking that he hasn't been groomed very often. He was awesome in the bath. Just stood there and took it like a champ. When I got him out of the tub he was so excited! He ran around wildly and kept shaking off while I tried to dry him off. He was looking at me and running full steam, and hit a mirror. It was all pretty funny.

On Tuesday, Jared and I went to Savers and Target when he got home for work. When we returned, we found an empty container of Chips Ahoy on the floor in the living room. That little jerk jumped up on an end table and brought down the box! Luckily, it only had half a sleeve of cookies. Otherwise, who knows what kind of reaction he could have had.

Today, Jared went looking for the pie he bought himself on Sunday. Where was the pie? Well, the tin and box was where Jared left it --- on the floor next to the arm chair. But the pie had teleported into Gizmo's bowels. I had been noticing throughout the day that Gizmo looked fat. He looked bloated. He seemed twice the dog he once was. I found excuses for his girth. I said his clean, fluffy coat made him look bigger. I thought, perhaps, the cookies from the day before were still in effect. I also noticed he has been panting and hyper all day. Once again, I blamed the cookies. But, apparently bloated, panting and hyper is just his pie face.

Jared will never trust the dog again. He has developed a nickname for him, "rat bastard." I think it's all pretty funny, because how can you blame a dog for eating what you leave on the floor. My cookies, though? Not cool.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Holley Sweeps: Winnings

A little over a month ago, I started entering sweepstakes on blogs. I find my sweepstakes through Prizey and Tight Wad in Utah. I enter as many ways as possible using accounts that I have created for entering giveaways. When extra entries are offered, I also post those giveaways on this blog.

So far, I have won three giveaways. I have won a bracelet from GreenXC and Stones and Bones NYC. I have won Sprout Cream, Exfoliant, Scrub, and Vegan Lip Balm from Your World: Healthy and Natural. And, I just received an email from Spoonier having won 3rd Prize in their giveaway.

I've received the bracelet as of this weekend, and have worn it everyday. It goes with everything and has a nice weight to it.

This bracelet is very tasteful.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Work Clothes

The week of my birthday, I accepted a job through KellyMitchell. I was very very excited for this job, because I'll be working in a position I'm qualified for and that I have previous experience in. I was horrified when I saw the dress code. I had no clue what "Business Casual" meant, but I understood that it wasn't the t-shirt and jeans I was so used to.

I've spent the last few weeks making wise decisions about clothing choices for work. I was hoping to find a happy medium between what I like... and what I'm expected to wear. Luckily, I had a lot of skirts leftover from last summer. (Summer of '10 was so hot, I'd have to peel my jeans off with pliers.) I purchased black slacks when I was interviewing, and I have two gray blazers that I found over last summer as well. (The best time to buy jackets is during the blackout heat of Summer '10.) I added a third gray blazer to my collection last week. I also found Banana Republic khakis. (Pictured in my Ode to Savers.) I found a bunch of blouses at Marshall's from August Silk and Spense (not pictured; I couldn't find them on the Internet.) I bought two cap sleeve sweaters to make my shoulders more decent from Macy's (INC brand, not pictured.) My shoe collection is pretty amazing as is; however, I added a brown, shiny pair of Dolce Vita DV oxfords/flats.

Work Clothes

All in all, I am prepared to look like an adult after Labor Day!!! Today I found some skin tone tanks to wear under my at times see-through August Silk blouses. I sectioned off my closet into "can wear to work" and "cannot wear to work." Just for fun, and because my drawers become a disaster faster than I can spin around, I organized my t-shirt and tank drawers to be "filed."

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Holley Sweeps: Week 4

Momma Told Me is holding a giveaway for Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.
NYC Single Mom is giving away a Parazul Classic Bag.
Featured Product Reviews is having a giveaway for a Texas Chili Kit.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Irish Fest '11 and the Balls Off Bonanza

We had a jam packed weekend. It's mid-August, so it's Irish Fest! Irish Fest is the closest thing I have to a holiday tradition.

We drove down to Madison on Friday and introduced Gizmo to Wally (Jared's family's dog). At first Gizmo was trying to dominate Wally. Then, he decided to just mark territory around the house while we were out with Gram. At Gram's house, she pinned some blazers and pants for me. We went to dinner at a Laotian restaurant next to the Barrymore. Dinner went well, and was very tasty.

On Saturday, we dropped Gizmo off at the Spay Me! Clinic in Sun Prairie. He happily went with the vet tech... we'll see if that ever happens again. Spay Me! is a nonprofit that neuters animals at a low-cost rate. Neutering, green tattoo, nail trim, rabies shot, and distemper with a fashionable plastic cone all for $75.00. After dropping off Giz, we drove up to Milwaukee and straight over to the festival grounds.

Irish Fest was great! (As it is every year!) After perusing the shops and deciding I wasn't wanting anything outside of festival gear, I came in way under budget. So, we ate a lot of festival food! I especially enjoyed the lamb sandwich, blue cotton candy and Hawaiian Shave Ice on which I gorged. Jared and I also had Chicago Style Hot Dogs... which always disappoint me. I just can't find a good dog outside of Chicago... We caught some world music concerts, the parade and a bagpipe performance. All in all, a good day.

Sunday, we came home around one in the morning to the most pitiful dog in the world. Jared's dad picked him up earlier from Spay Me! Apparently, he spent several hours standing around frozen in place. He'd walk a little forward and then stand frozen in place again. We took his cone off, and he walked around a little. He'd whine some times. He must have been in a lot of pain. We slept in the living room with him for a while before putting the cone back on him. When we woke up later that morning, Gizmo was outside in the backyard still coned.... standing frozen in place. We took the cone off, and suddenly he's walking around no problem. We left in the afternoon. The dog slept most of the way back on the blanket Gram gave him. When we got home, it was already time for bed. This time, when we put the cone on him, he bounded around the apartment running head first into everything. I laughed so hard when he ran straight into the mirrored closet door.

I found out that my camera phone has a panorama setting... so here are a bunch of illustrative panoramas. Most of these pictures are being photobombed by Jared.

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