Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Money, It's a Drag

I am not the best at saving money. I've never had much of it, and when I do manage to scrape an income, my spending inflates. I've been trying to make a point of having positive cash flow over the past two months. This has allowed me to pay off $700.00 in credit card debt that I accrued from three months of unemployment and about $300.00 or so dollars in-store credit card debt. I also have saved over $500.00. I did this in two months while paying bills on time and well... living.

I'm also working for under $10 an hour at a job with part-time hours.

My big goal is $2500.00 by late March. I figure that if I don't allow myself to shop for new stuff, sell my old stuff and work weekends, then I will be golden.

This is a lot harder than it sounds. I love shopping, and temptation is everywhere. And, by everywhere, I mean on my lap with a wireless connection.

Holley's plan to save for her move:
1. Freeze my Younkers Card. In ice.
2. Tape an adorable photo of a Corgi to my credit card over the numbers. This way I'll have to stare into it's adorable face, reminding me what I'm postponing for that humorous t-shirt, shiny tennis shoe or cute gingerbread earrings.
3. Watch my bank account like a HAWK.
4. Put my entire paycheck into my savings account, then move money into my checking account only as I need to pay bills.
5. Never step foot into Dubuque or Madison.
6. Develop a love of penny pinching. Maybe I can trade the thrill of shopping for the thrill of saving. Pause for the laugh.

Here are some great links on frugality, money saving and DIY, respectively:

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