Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Wednesday Challenge

To all readers and non-readers,
I would like to encourage everyone to go on Google Local and review a local place you love.

I got a trim at my favorite salon in town yesterday afternoon. My hairdresser, Connie, thanked me for reviewing her salon on Google Local (Link). Apparently, a lot of college students use Google to find local businesses and many rely upon reviews to make final decisions. I feel very happy about my review because A) It's 100% true and B) Connie gets some well deserved patronage.

I reviewed all the local places I frequent enough to comment on consistency. Admittedly, I have left a poor review or two. I keep a policy that for every negative review I leave I try my best to leave a positive review. I consider it internet karma.

I'm challenging you to write a positive review and boost your favorite salon/restaurant/boutique store's patronage.

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