Friday, November 12, 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs the World: A Review

Subtitle: Why it's awesome and why I can watch it over and over again.

I've found that my movie taste falls into a very non-specific category. I'm not much for block busters that don't involve explosions. I'm also not much for RottenTomato fresh picks. However, if it's a RottenTomato fresh pick that just happens to be a block buster, that I can do.

My current movie love is Scott Pilgrim vs the World. The movie not only is seasoned nicely with well crafted one liners, it also has a fantastic soundtrack. In between content based zingers, Scott Pilgrim samples The Bluetones, Frank Black, Metric and Beck. Beck actually wrote the songs performed by Scott Pilgrim's fictional band "Sex-Bob-omb." The movie also features references to the action/fighting scenes of anime, comics and old-school video games like Mortal Combat. Through out the movie video game graphics are used to move the plot as well as add further humor.

Two main characteristics of this movie make it rewatchable: Firstly, this is a fluff piece. There isn't anything to think about or mull over. The plot is the plot; it isn't referring to anything life altering. Secondly, the main characters fail to react to Scott Pilgrim flying through the air in slow motion and punching a human being into quarters. Their apathy makes the fighting scenes far funnier.

Lastly, this movie offers a fresh take on directing. The segues between scenes as well as the comic styling keep your attention. The opening scene where Sex-Bob-omb plays in the living room and the camera slides back through a long, extended hall was brilliant. But, best of all... the fast paced and quick-witted script hides the fact that Michael Cera can't act and is actually just cast into the same character (himself) over and over again.

Also, I have been inspired to bring in the phrase "Lady Dudes" to my repertoire.

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