Monday, November 22, 2010

The Hold Steady: A Rave Review

If I could recommend a band to anyone, it would be The Hold Steady. Their songs are about drug use, religion, life and disappointment. They write about sudden highs and redemption. I can only give a glowing review for this band. They put out albums regularly and are awesome to see live. To go a bit in depth I will now talk about songs I like especially well and what in my life they remind me of.

Your Little Hoodrat Friend
This song is my universal anthem for the kind of person you can't stand to be around but is always there. It describes the kind of person who wants to be hardcore, but just comes out creepy. Although, the person sounds much cooler in song and a little less sad. It's also about jealousy... and I love the word hoodrat.
Best Lines: "It's funny how true love gets troubled by still water and washed up in the Mississippi River."
"Your little hoodrat friend makes me sick, but after I get sick I just get sad. Because, it burns being broke, hurts to be heartbroken and always being both must be a drag. "

Most People Are DJs
I think of this song almost everyday. Every time someone launches into a rant or can't pick a radio station the line "Everyone's a critic, and most people are djs," jumps into my brain and I get to rock out for at least 30 minutes to the stanza on loop. Also, the one time I actually said that in retort it made me sound really hip. Really. Fine, nerdy and out of context, but hip.

You Can Make Him Like You
Easily top song on the list. This song is catchy, has great lyrics and covers an important subject: Independence. Kind of. Well, it's mostly about how you're never really attached to anyone, and if you want to leave, you can leave. It's the ultimate post break up song.

Southtown Girls
"Southtown girls wont blow you away, but you know that they'll stay." It makes me feel better about not being spectacular. It's cool to lay low sometimes.

How A Resurrection Really Feels
I'm a bit biased about this song. It has my name in it. Not a lot of non-Christmas songs have the name Holly (or any spelling variation of Holly) in them. It makes the main character seem easier to relate to. I mean minus the drugs, broken glass and being a hoodrat... that could be me. Or anyone.

I tend to prefer Separation Sunday and Almost Killed Me to the newer albums Stay Positive and Heaven Is Whenever. But, that seems to be my thing with a lot of bands: Kanye West, Metric, Vampire Weekend. I tend to go towards newer albums with Regina Spektor, Death Cab for Cutie, The White Stripes.

Then again, I hate The White Album and love the Beatles, so my taste isn't for everyone

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