Friday, November 5, 2010

Burrrsday: It Is Very Cold

I am really loving life right now!

This Wednesday I woke up at a thrilling 8 a.m. to put in a fantastically large order that on normal conditions I could never afford. But, my wonderful job makes many never affordable orders possible. Now I just wait by the door like a happy yet lonesome puppy for the twenty seemingly random items I have ordered. Just so you know it isn't random. I ordered a table that I will use specifically for my laptop. I bought this because when I was making the order I managed to knock an entire glass of tea all over my coffee table... with my laptop. I ordered three separate sets of bedding of which I will decide that I like them after I see them in person. I bought a wreath and garland to decorate for Christmas. This year I love Christmas. I bought a small speaker to attach to my laptop. The speaker uses vibrations to project sound. I purchased a stainless steel stock pot and a 9-quart roaster. I bought a fan... which is random but awesome. I bought a rolling hamper... because both mine and Jared's hampers have fallen apart from college abuse. I purchased a wall-mounted jewelry armoire that can hold all my lovely pieces of jewelry that I never wear. I also purchased a tent to go camping in this summer and an induction cooktop! And that is the extended list of what I bought at 8 a.m. on Wednesday.

Now, onto what I did last week! I met a lady named Jenni, and we went out on the town Thursday and Saturday night. It was very fun. I really felt kind of "above it all" or whatever, because I'm not in college, not staying in this multiple horse town and happily settled into a caring relationship. Basically, I have no one to impress, and I don't give a crap about how I'm dancing or what I'm wearing!

Ciera and I went to Rocky Horror Picture Show the night before Halloween. Here's the short of it: I hated it. Firstly, I got pegged in the face with rice. Pegged in the eyes... with rice. Ciera was slammed in the back of the head with a roll of toilet paper. I had a latex reaction to the gloves in the goodie bag. What really made it a total bust... were the people that sat directly behind us shouting "Virgins!" every time a person did something off cue. I did enjoy the man dressed as Riff Raff who shouted great lines at the screen ... that I could actually understand. As a RHPS wrap up: Latex reaction, riced eyes, pained C, obnoxious sluts. (Pun off the word virgin.)

The great things to happen in the future involve Rainbow Rave and Christmas.

Rainbow Rave is a conference followed by a drag show and dance. Last year I made it to the drag show and dance. During my college career either a blizzard... or more likely a job has stopped me from attending the conference.

Also this year, I am in a really festive mood. I don't know if it's the job, having a little family of my own, or my acceptance of how disappointing Christmas can be when you're a kid. It's time for me to make my Christmas as merry as I like it. I'm old enough to make my own holiday.

As an after thought, I have started reading The Wizard of Oz.

My Christmas list includes silver shoes and a Kindle.


  1. You totally got to see me dressed up as a ho though, that might be worth it...

  2. I just liked being able to cat call at you. It was definitely the highlight of the night.


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